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Writer’s Process Blog Tour

Dr. Evil/Austin Powers

This writer has been invited to participate in Project Bacon. At least that’s what I’m calling it. It’s a sort of six degrees of separation for writers that author, LaDonna Cole, turned me onto. Sharing ideas on the writing process serves to both inspire and make us not feel so weird. If we’re all weird together, we’re normal. Hey, that is my new motto, and all thanks to LaDonna Cole, author of The Torn, writer extraordinaire of books about the dangers of quantum physics.

Last week LaDonna wrote a blog about her writing process and introduced three authors. One of them was me. Today it’s my turn to expose some of my glittery skeletons, and to introduce you to three pretty amazing writers that you may not have yet had the pleasure of knowing.

When you ask a writer to talk about their writing process, someone is bound to do the Dr. Evil finger quotes in the air. Just try to stop them. This is probably because we all have our own way of writing. It’s like how do you make potato salad, or of the six remotes on your coffee table how does one go about actually turning your TV on? Today I'm going to answer four questions about my writing process, and a week from now my featured authors will do the same about their writing process, on their blogs. 

So let the writing process questions commence!

  • What am I working on? Oh, the pressure! My last novel released yesterday, give me a break. Seriously though, it was actually released last week and I’ve already written 150,000 words of the next book in the Warrior of the Ages series (this is actually true, just not since last week). I’m considering having giant stickers made up that say But I’m writing a novel to slap on dust bunnies and weeds. Instead of sleeping enough or tending to housework, I write a lot. There were many years when I couldn’t write much at all, and I’m making up for lost time. 

  • How does my work differ from others of its genre? My genre is Action Adventure with a Twist of Fantasy. My work is different, I’ll admit that. It tends to straddle lines. The Warrior of the Ages series is spiritual without being religious. It can be sad and funny sometimes in the same paragraph. It can be both literary and light. There are some romances that don’t fit any mold, in my opinion real romances aren’t stereotypical. My work has a hard time fitting into a genre. I think that alone makes it different within any genre it tries to squeeze into. 

  • Why do I write what I do? Perhaps it is selfish, or perhaps it is self preservation, but I write what thrills and intrigues me. If I’m going to spend months working on a story, I want detail, depth, and characters that I either enjoy or love to hate. The Warrior of the Ages series is something I wrote and allowed my fingers and the muse to control. I write stories that grab me and refuse to be ignored. 

  • How does my writing process work? Frankly I can be obsessive. Total immersion is how I write. When I’m writing a story it’s usually close to the surface, even during rewrites scenes are often close by. That means I’m thinking about it when I’m walking, working out, falling asleep, and waking up. I devote as much focus to getting the first draft done as possible—although admittedly I do reread scenes and tweak as I go. It works for me. I like to work and rework a scene while I have the muse’s attention on it. I also tend to research as I go. After the WIP is finished, I reread and rework it to a more reader friendly story. It goes to beta readers for comments, and I tend to rewrite scenes again with many of those comments in mind. It’s a process. There is nothing fast about book writing. After that it goes to the editor for redlining and another few go-around’s, story edits and line edits.

Author W. Franklin Lattimore
Now this is the fun part, meeting other authors. First in my glittery line-up is W. Franklin Lattimore. Let me warn you about this author’s work. He writes the books you can’t put down, where you walk around trying to do things while reading. That costs a few stubbed toes, not to mention that Freedom Fight had me sleeping with the light on for a couple of weeks.

 W. Franklin Lattimore is the author of the Otherealm Saga, beginning with Freedom Fight. Freedom War and Freedom Zone are complete and going through final edits, with Freedom Cry, his WIP. His former involvement in the occult as a teenager was the springboard for writing the Otherealm Saga. His novels are written, not just as entertainment, but as wake-up calls to those dabbling in, curious about, or heavily active in witchcraft and other "spiritual" activities.

Author Parker J. Cole
Next is the amazing and multi-talented, Parker J. Cole, and her glittery fifty shades of green. Although you’re going to want to leave your light on for at least one of these books, not to mention clear your schedule, because you won’t be able to focus on anything else until you finish the story anyway.

Parker J. Cole is a writer and radio show host who spends most of her time reading, knitting, writing, cooking, and concocting new ideas for stories. Her first novel, Dark Cherub, won Best of Spring Reading 2013 from eMediaCampaigns. She lives in Michigan with her husband and their beloved dog, Sarah. Blog Link:

Author Jeff LaFerney
The mysterious grittery grit of the illustrious and multi-published Jeff LaFerney is next.

Jeff writes both mystery and time travel in a refreshing and unique way, and I have no idea how he gets it all done, but I’m just glad he does. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, you’re going to want to jump on over to Amazon and check Jeff’s books out.

Jeff has been a language arts teacher and coach for nearly twenty-eight years. He’s a Michigan native with a beautiful wife and two awesome kids. Loving the Rain is his first suspense novel in the Clay and Tanner Thomas series.  The second, Skeleton Key, and the third, Bulletproof, are paranormal mysteries.  Jumper is a time-travel, action/adventure. Jeff loves competing at sports, connecting to good books, and creating words that make people laugh. The Red Pen blog link:

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Mission Accomplished!

Blue Harvest Creative Magic

What the blank was all that online commotion yesterday? It was one wild book release day party from Twitter to Facebook to Google Plus to Pinterest, from Amazon to Goodreads, and let’s not forget TipsyLit, Obey the Muse, Life Unpublished, and Immortal Portals. Thank each and every one of you for your participation in spreading the word about BLANK A Shieldmaiden’s Voice! I felt it in my heart like Carole Blank would, and your enthusiasm thrilled me! I wish I could make enough glass tumblers for everyone to be a grand prize winner.

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt

How about some virtual cake for starters? A thick filling of light, fluffy raspberry mousse separates chocolate layers to create an epic sugar shock that the voices in Carole Blank’s head would never approve of. As you can see I surrounded it with healthy food to pacify them, that’s got to count for something right? Pretend. Isn’t this the best book release cake ever? It is for this book!

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt

Let’s start with a bonus round of autographed copies of BLANK A Shieldmaiden’s Voice, complete with beautiful blank dog tags. They’re going out to: Natalie Pierson, LaDonna Cole, Katie Cross, Abi Hodges, Frank Lattimore, Laura Katherine, and Kelsey Keating!

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt

Winners of blank dog tags are: Rich Miklitsch, Natalie Good, Crystal Becker, Donna Kilgore, Rob Holliday, Jillian Good, Katie Cross, Joni Lynn, LaDonna Cole, Kerri Gilbert, Natalie Pierson, Hannah Nuss, Debbie Hottleman, Bob James, and Frank Lattimore.

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt

Winners of the custom-designed, one of a kind book logo emblazoned dog tags are: Katie Cross, Kelsey Keating, and LaDonna Cole.

Winner of the $50 Amazon gift card is: Kimberly Robertson.

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt

And the grand prize winner of the hand crafted glass tumblers and matching logo emblazoned dog tag is: Joni Lynn.

Congratulations to the winners! Please contact me privately with your mailing information. All prizes must be claimed by the end of the month.

Again, thank you all for sharing BLANK A Shieldmaiden’s Voice with your online community. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. They will. Hey! Who said that? Uh oh.

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt

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Today’s Mission: Book Release Party

Chapter Six
Marshall Islands, South Pacific - March 1989

Chapter Eight
Base Camp, South Pacific - March 1989
This is the second book in the Warrior of the Ages series, and it’s also a prequel. The books can be read in any order, but its extra fun if you’ve read Warrior of the Ages because you’ll know more than the main character.
You’re all invited to join in the celebration with author S.R. Karfelt happening TODAY, May 15th. There will be prizes. Cool prizes. Lots of cool prizes.

Chapter Sixteen
Santa Fe, New Mexico - April 1990
This is a chance to play not-so-secret agent. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help spread the word about BLANK A Shieldmaiden’s Voice.

This is HQ - Head Quarters - and the Execution details and Logistics of your operation are listed below. For every step you choose to take, you will earn points (name entries) towards drawings for really awesome prizes! Notice some steps can be performed more than once, so break protocol and go crazy! DO NOT FORGET to tag S.R. Karfelt in all steps of your mission. Command needs to stay informed on your progress! (And leave some type of contact info in the comments below if you want points for that too!)

Execution: (1 point=1 name entry)
·       5 points if you order/download your copy of BLANK from and share the page on Facebook.
·       5 points if you read and review BLANK on
·       5 points if you read and review BLANK on
·       4 points if you’ll go undercover for the day! Make the cover of BLANK your profile picture on Facebook. Be sure to tag S.R. Karfelt!
·       *3 points for every promotional post on Facebook linking to BLANK on
·       *2 points for rogue efforts (what kinda grit ya got? Surprise me!)
·       *1 point per Tweet using #BLANKasv + @theglitterglobe and *1 point for comments below (5 max each)

*These steps can be completed multiple times. We won’t stop you.

Chapter Ten
Egypt - October 1988
You MUST tag S.R. Karfelt in all Facebook posts, Google+, and Tweet @TheGlitterGlobe/#BLANKasv. We cannot guarantee the success of your mission without attention to this detail. If you post a review under a name different than your own, please notify S.R. Karfelt.

Logistics:1 Point=1 Name Entry
Rewards for this mission will be randomly chosen from a drawing. The more points you acquire, the more name entries you will have. Successful agents (winners) will be announced Friday, May 16th.

Signal: Mission set to begin at 0900 hours EST and will conclude at 2400 hours EST on May 15th, 2014.

*Photos compliments of MorgueFiles/Rajeshkrishnan/Kumarn/DuBoix/Cohdra

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To Treasure Forever

Grand Prize - Glass Tumblers ~ Hand Blown by S. R. Karfelt

May 15th is the release of BLANK a Shieldmaiden’s Voice! If you’re into parties, you’ll want to check in right here at The Glitter Globe. Join in the celebration, chat with the author, and help me spread the word. There will be plenty of opportunity to score some book related goodies too, including the hand crafted glass seen above! 

Have you tried coconut oil? Water? Fresh Coconut?
Fanatical about eating organic, clean, healthy, and often strange foods, the main character in BLANK also has a penchant for coconut. Rather than trying to mail them (don’t think I didn’t consider it), we’ll have to settle for touting the fact that fresh coconut is delicious, and coconut oil is almost magical in its uses. You can use it as cooking oil, makeup remover, and moisturizer. It even has an SPF of four!

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt
Prize winners will be drawn at random, but you can have your name put into the drawing more than once. All the details will be available here at The Glitter Globe tomorrow. In the meantime how about I share Carole’s favorite song here? Her delicious broccoli recipe can be found right here (and if you don’t think broccoli can be good, mix this up and cook it at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes and check back). And here’s a link to the mechanics of some basic self-sufficiency, should you ever need clean water in a pinch. 

$50 Amazon Gift Card

One $50 Amazon gift card will be given away. Private Carole Blank would not approve, but you might be in dire need of a fresh pile of books. 

BLANK Book Cover Dog Tags & Blank Dog Tags
There will be blank dog tags in honor of Private Carole Blank, and a few will be emblazoned with the book cover! The glass tumblers were hand made by S. R. Karfelt to match the book cover. After reading the book you’ll learn that Carole shuns plastic, and blown glass helps keep clean spring water pristine. (Carole’s a bit of a fanatic about details, but don’t tell her I said that.)

Good luck tomorrow! Hope to see you here!

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Carole Blank's First Assignment (BLANK a shieldmaiden's tale releases 5/15/2014)

Given by Carole's First Grade Teacher

Cut pictures from a magazine and paste them here to tell the class about yourself. 

First question, if you could go anywhere where would you go?

If you were an animal, what would you be?

If you could make anything, what would you make?

Show me a picture that reminds you of a happy day.

When you grow up, what will you be?

*All photos courtesy of MorgueFile

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Foster Care File for Carole ______ ? (BLANK a shieldmaiden’s voice Releases on 5/15/2014)


Date: September 6, 1982
Name: Carole ______ (This kid needs a last name, just use BLANK)
DOB: ? (Estimated birth 1972/The orphanage assigns Christmas day to most of these kids.)
Sex: Female
Parents: Unknown
Health/Disposition: Good/Poor (may be slow)
Address: Rio Rancho Sister’s of Mercy Albuquerque, New Mexico
Grade: ? First?
Status: High Risk
Social Worker: Marsha Tucker
Placement: Temporary home (Thatchers?)
Recommendation: ?

This kid is at least ten years old and hasn’t been to school yet. Doesn’t/won’t talk. She’s been at RRSoM since a car wreck in 1976 – two adults were killed in the crash, bodies burned beyond recognition - assumed to be parents/guardians.
I recommend legal action be taken against Rio Rancho, specifically a Sister Mary Josephine. They’ve held her illegally for six years.
She needs a Birth Certificate and a Social Security Number STAT.

CAUTION: She bites.


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The Buzz on Private Carole Blank


Blurbs are advance reviews included in books. These are some for my book, BLANK a shieldmaiden’s voice that will be out May 15th. Read on for reviews on my latest baby. 

Photo Credit: Greyer Baby

Imagine a life of perpetual turmoil, with an insatiable need for heart-penetrating love. Blank will transport you through one woman's private hell to a place of purpose and peace; that is if peace can be spelled C.I.A Covert Ops! If you enjoyed S. R. Karfelt's Warrior of the Ages, you are going to be over-the-top happy that you picked up Blank, a novel that will intrigue men and women, alike. The internal dialogue of the characters throughout this story is so rich, so alive, so intense that you will never be bothered by the voices in your own head again. Tragedy and victory, love and hate, murder and the giving of life culminate in a tale that you will remember long after reluctantly setting the book down for the final time. ~ W. Franklin Lattimore, Author of Freedom Fight and Freedom War, Books 1&2 of the Otherrealm Saga Twitter: @ImpactWriter

Brace yourselves: Carole Blank’s life is the epitome of mislaid hope and unapologetic misery. The prequel we’ve been waiting for since Warrior of the Ages chases an unprecedented assassin’s journey through every layer of personal hell, accentuated by ardently candid voices in her head offering feedback on Carole’s every thought and action. Get ready for a full-on attack of raw truth that will leave you achingly aware of the cost of loyalty, and the torture of unrequited love. Blunt, gripping, and extraordinary, Blank follows the sacrifices of one woman on a quest to simply belong. ~ Bailey Catherine, Editor, Blogger and Book Critic 

Michelle Bulgaria

S.R. Karfelt's BLANK brings us all back to what we really want in life—a place to belong. Following Carole Blank through life wrenches the heart, fueling every emotion known to man—laugh, cry...get so angry you swear…you will want to find a character and kill them! Blank has it all, and S.R. Karfelt has guaranteed that I will never see the world the same. Buckle up, America. You're in for a wild ride—and this Shieldmaiden is riding shotgun. ~ Kelsey Keating, Writer, Blogger, Actress, and Shieldmaiden for Hire

“Kick Ass!” ~ Katie Cross, Author of Miss Mabel’s School for Girls

Blank, A shieldmaiden’s voice whisks you through the life of a super-hero-she-goddess-warrior-assassin with a healthy helping of mama bear madness. The main character, Carole Blank, draws the full range of emotions from the reader. I loved, hated, feared, adored, admired, and pitied her, sometimes on the same page. Deep characterization and tight pacing scream throughout this adventure. Fall in love with the strength and beauty of a fractured and deadly woman. ~LaDonna Cole, author of The Torn, Holding Kate Series

Some heroines are content to sit snugly inside the pages of their book, quietly and politely playing out their given roles. Carole Blank is not one of those heroines. Kicking, punching and screaming, she seized my imagination in a sleeper hold and refused to let go, making BLANK a white-knuckle read every bit as unforgettable as its main character. ~ Elle K. White, Author of Deep City @TheElusiveMuse

Are you psyched? Can’t wait to see what you think of BLANK a shieldmaiden’s voice!

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Rocky Horror and The Flying Mouse

Rocky Horror Picture Show Logo

Don’t judge me, it was a birthday gift. Two tickets to see Rocky Horror Picture Show playing in a local college town, and an evening in which to relive my wasted youth. What’s not to love?

My BFF (Motto: Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Stupid Things Alone) drove across a few states to be my date. She’s awesome like that. You probably know Rocky Horror Picture Show is the midnight movie du jour. It’s been around for decades and has quite a cult following.


What’s important happened after our evening of absolute leisure. While walking dark city blocks to the parking garage, we met up with a frail-looking octogenarian couple inching their way up the sidewalk with the assistance of a walker. As we attempted to pass by in our telltale glittery be-feathered ensemble, the elderly gentlemen asked, “Did you like that loud show?” We confessed we did. The gentlemen nodded sagely, checking out BFF's feathery bling and said, “Yes? I liked it too.”

BFF and I exchanged a quick look of disbelief. These senior citizens had just been at the Rocky Horror Picture Show? What is the world coming to, and how the heck did they get to the parking garage ahead of us? The tiny, aged Mrs. shot us a serious look and piped up, “It was my first time. I’m not a virgin anymore.” Sweet Pete! She knew the lingo too!


We gifted the Mrs. a sparkly feather boa and our new friends proceeded to regale us with their weekend plans, which in terms of awesome, far exceeded our plans of cake and talking. They also managed to get in front of us in traffic and we ended up reading their wild assortment of revolutionary bumper stickers for a time. Where am I going in this handbasket? I’m ashamed of what I did for a Klondike Bar. Sorry for Driving So Close in Front of You. At Least the War on the Environment is Going Well. Or something like those.

After receiving the seniors have more fun smack down (so not the first time) we amped up our weekend plans. Our friends had mentioned attending an opera, so we googled operas in the state and randomly picked Die Fledermaus, which we deciphered as The Flying Mouse, but was in fact, The Bat. Same difference, right?

While waiting for the opera to begin we amused ourselves by exchanging dares, which basically sounded like, “See that nice older couple? I double dog dare you to go ask if they were at the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday night.” So, of course, BFF did, and as karma would have it, they HAD. How fun is that? So don’t tell Dear Hubby, but I hung out with this cute guy for awhile.

With Cute Guy at Die Fledermaus

Sometimes the wind blows you to wonderful places and people, and you even get a refresher on the laughing song. When was the last time you had a weekend worthy of an octogenarian? 

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May Day Giveaway!

S. R. Karfelt

My novel, Warrior of the Ages, is free today on Amazon. Just click right HERE. It seems fitting since the book's first scene is set on May Day – which is May first if you’re wondering what May Day is. For our purposes it is free book day here in the Glitter Globe!

Warrior of the Ages is the story about a man inflicted with a strange type of immortality. Kahtar’s been around forever, literally, and he thinks he’s seen it all, yet the 21st Century is just chock full of surprises, proving that you really can teach an old dog new tricks—or at least freak him out a little.

Here’s the first scene from Warrior of the Ages, and the first reader to leave me a comment below telling me what May Day is, gets a free autographed book mark!  And if you're not the first, you could try telling me a really good May Day story, if it moves me maybe I'll send you one too!

S. R. Karfelt Book Signing

Warrior of the Ages by S. R. Karfelt

Immortality probably made a man patient. Part-time immortality, the kind that Kahtar had been inflicted with, didn’t. Crammed inside his squad car in what was possibly the hottest May Day in his existence reminded him of being locked inside an iron maiden. Except those weapons of torture had been wooden coffins, not metal, though if memory served they had better ventilation.
Across a clearing framed by spindly trees, his rookie sat inside a second patrol car. Kahtar watched Honor Monroe gaze at himself in the rearview mirror, both hands twisting his spiky hairdo to perfection, and paying no attention to his surroundings. The kid had no idea how close he was to being shaved bald. Not that there was anything dangerous around for miles, but still.
Closing his eyes to shut out the visual of Honor now picking at his teeth, Kahtar gripped the steering wheel and stilled. Military crew-cut almost flush with the ceiling, it brushed against the fabric with each breath. His mind sharpened and focused, flying outward like a stealth aircraft, scanning with a precision beyond the capability of any man-made radar. The beating wings of buzzing insects, larvae crawling through rotting wood, the clear air rife with invisible particles filled his senses. His scan moved up through the blossoming trees before plunging down, far beneath the mulch of last year’s fallen leaves. Kahtar forced his mind through the forest floor. It took years to learn to identify what was in the ground, but he’d had plenty of time to perfect the skill.
Abruptly pulled from the depths of the earth by another warrior’s scan crossing into his, it felt like a shard of glass plunged deep into his brain. Pressing his fingers against his skull he tried to ease the dark shadow. The interfering scan lifted as the culprit approached.
“Hoy!” His entirely too enthusiastic rookie rounded the patrol car, hair artfully arranged, teeth apparently picked. “Sorry about that! Not used to being around my own kind anymore!”
A tour of duty in the Middle East might have made the man forget his manners, but it hadn’t dimmed his chipper demeanor. Honor Monroe approached police work with the same animation he gave a game of stickball. His hand smacked against the windshield, and the kid peered at him, shouting through the glass.
“Chief? We’re partners today. Real cops sit in the same car with their partners.”
Kahtar glared into Honor Monroe’s bright eyes. “Monroe, I doubt your own mother would sit in a car with you all day.” For emphasis Kahtar rolled the window up. Honor wisely hurried towards his own squad car. The kid had a lot to learn. It was very tempting to scan right through his head, but Kahtar resisted the impulse to make him cry on his first day playing cops.
Closing his eyes to focus, Kahtar’s scan resumed, moving down the country road. Scanning asphalt felt almost poisonous, he could practically smell it, taste tar on his tongue. Simultaneously, he shoved his mind east and west, following the road in both directions at once. From one edge of his scan came movement, a vehicle from the west. It blew through his mind, instantly engulfed by his mental radar. He digested every minute detail: 3,109 pounds of metal and synthetic substances, one 140 pound human being, vehicle speed fluctuating between 65 and 70 mph. For today, barely speeding was still speeding because Honor Monroe’s scan still hovered dangerously near, and Kahtar was in no mood to have it bite into his head again. Besides, the more unpleasant he could make a trip to the village of Willowyth, the less likely people were to want to return.
Turning the key, Honor’s second voice, somehow as enthusiastic as his real voice, sounded in Kahtar’s mind. “Chief? I feel it too! The car’s yellow!”
Ignoring Honor, he edged the patrol car to the roadway. The speeding car appeared atop a little knoll, a bright yellow Saab convertible. Honor Monroe insisted he could scan color, and although often wrong, he did seem to have some sort of extra gift. Honor’s annoyingly enthusiastic second voice sounded very faintly as Kahtar pulled onto the highway behind the Saab. “I was right, wasn’t I?”
“Just stay out of trouble. I’ll be fifteen minutes, tops.” He wondered if his second voice sounded as annoyed as he felt.

Copyright 2013, S. R. Karfelt
All Rights Reserved

Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance at a free autographed WOA bookmark. You really should get something for fighting your way through CAPTCHA, don’t you think?