Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To Treasure Forever

Grand Prize - Glass Tumblers ~ Hand Blown by S. R. Karfelt

May 15th is the release of BLANK a Shieldmaiden’s Voice! If you’re into parties, you’ll want to check in right here at The Glitter Globe. Join in the celebration, chat with the author, and help me spread the word. There will be plenty of opportunity to score some book related goodies too, including the hand crafted glass seen above! 

Have you tried coconut oil? Water? Fresh Coconut?
Fanatical about eating organic, clean, healthy, and often strange foods, the main character in BLANK also has a penchant for coconut. Rather than trying to mail them (don’t think I didn’t consider it), we’ll have to settle for touting the fact that fresh coconut is delicious, and coconut oil is almost magical in its uses. You can use it as cooking oil, makeup remover, and moisturizer. It even has an SPF of four!

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt
Prize winners will be drawn at random, but you can have your name put into the drawing more than once. All the details will be available here at The Glitter Globe tomorrow. In the meantime how about I share Carole’s favorite song here? Her delicious broccoli recipe can be found right here (and if you don’t think broccoli can be good, mix this up and cook it at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes and check back). And here’s a link to the mechanics of some basic self-sufficiency, should you ever need clean water in a pinch. 

$50 Amazon Gift Card

One $50 Amazon gift card will be given away. Private Carole Blank would not approve, but you might be in dire need of a fresh pile of books. 

BLANK Book Cover Dog Tags & Blank Dog Tags
There will be blank dog tags in honor of Private Carole Blank, and a few will be emblazoned with the book cover! The glass tumblers were hand made by S. R. Karfelt to match the book cover. After reading the book you’ll learn that Carole shuns plastic, and blown glass helps keep clean spring water pristine. (Carole’s a bit of a fanatic about details, but don’t tell her I said that.)

Good luck tomorrow! Hope to see you here!




  3. I want that bread recipe!

  4. Exciting, Stephanie! :) I love the blown glass tumblers!

  5. Kelse - You crack me up! Although I know that you mean it.
    Anonymous - Check back tomorrow for the details on how that works!
    Anonymous II - I'm excited too!
    LaD - The bread recipe is proprietary information. You might need to ask Carole for it.
    Devin - Thank you! The glass tumblers were the hardest thing I've made so far!

  6. Yeah, what IS the infamous bread recipe? That's all that I want to know, really.