Monday, May 12, 2014

Foster Care File for Carole ______ ? (BLANK a shieldmaiden’s voice Releases on 5/15/2014)


Date: September 6, 1982
Name: Carole ______ (This kid needs a last name, just use BLANK)
DOB: ? (Estimated birth 1972/The orphanage assigns Christmas day to most of these kids.)
Sex: Female
Parents: Unknown
Health/Disposition: Good/Poor (may be slow)
Address: Rio Rancho Sister’s of Mercy Albuquerque, New Mexico
Grade: ? First?
Status: High Risk
Social Worker: Marsha Tucker
Placement: Temporary home (Thatchers?)
Recommendation: ?

This kid is at least ten years old and hasn’t been to school yet. Doesn’t/won’t talk. She’s been at RRSoM since a car wreck in 1976 – two adults were killed in the crash, bodies burned beyond recognition - assumed to be parents/guardians.
I recommend legal action be taken against Rio Rancho, specifically a Sister Mary Josephine. They’ve held her illegally for six years.
She needs a Birth Certificate and a Social Security Number STAT.

CAUTION: She bites.


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