Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Buzz on Private Carole Blank


Blurbs are advance reviews included in books. These are some for my book, BLANK a shieldmaiden’s voice that will be out May 15th. Read on for reviews on my latest baby. 

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Imagine a life of perpetual turmoil, with an insatiable need for heart-penetrating love. Blank will transport you through one woman's private hell to a place of purpose and peace; that is if peace can be spelled C.I.A Covert Ops! If you enjoyed S. R. Karfelt's Warrior of the Ages, you are going to be over-the-top happy that you picked up Blank, a novel that will intrigue men and women, alike. The internal dialogue of the characters throughout this story is so rich, so alive, so intense that you will never be bothered by the voices in your own head again. Tragedy and victory, love and hate, murder and the giving of life culminate in a tale that you will remember long after reluctantly setting the book down for the final time. ~ W. Franklin Lattimore, Author of Freedom Fight and Freedom War, Books 1&2 of the Otherrealm Saga Twitter: @ImpactWriter

Brace yourselves: Carole Blank’s life is the epitome of mislaid hope and unapologetic misery. The prequel we’ve been waiting for since Warrior of the Ages chases an unprecedented assassin’s journey through every layer of personal hell, accentuated by ardently candid voices in her head offering feedback on Carole’s every thought and action. Get ready for a full-on attack of raw truth that will leave you achingly aware of the cost of loyalty, and the torture of unrequited love. Blunt, gripping, and extraordinary, Blank follows the sacrifices of one woman on a quest to simply belong. ~ Bailey Catherine, Editor, Blogger and Book Critic 

Michelle Bulgaria

S.R. Karfelt's BLANK brings us all back to what we really want in life—a place to belong. Following Carole Blank through life wrenches the heart, fueling every emotion known to man—laugh, cry...get so angry you swear…you will want to find a character and kill them! Blank has it all, and S.R. Karfelt has guaranteed that I will never see the world the same. Buckle up, America. You're in for a wild ride—and this Shieldmaiden is riding shotgun. ~ Kelsey Keating, Writer, Blogger, Actress, and Shieldmaiden for Hire

“Kick Ass!” ~ Katie Cross, Author of Miss Mabel’s School for Girls

Blank, A shieldmaiden’s voice whisks you through the life of a super-hero-she-goddess-warrior-assassin with a healthy helping of mama bear madness. The main character, Carole Blank, draws the full range of emotions from the reader. I loved, hated, feared, adored, admired, and pitied her, sometimes on the same page. Deep characterization and tight pacing scream throughout this adventure. Fall in love with the strength and beauty of a fractured and deadly woman. ~LaDonna Cole, author of The Torn, Holding Kate Series

Some heroines are content to sit snugly inside the pages of their book, quietly and politely playing out their given roles. Carole Blank is not one of those heroines. Kicking, punching and screaming, she seized my imagination in a sleeper hold and refused to let go, making BLANK a white-knuckle read every bit as unforgettable as its main character. ~ Elle K. White, Author of Deep City @TheElusiveMuse

Are you psyched? Can’t wait to see what you think of BLANK a shieldmaiden’s voice!

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