Friday, May 16, 2014

Mission Accomplished!

Blue Harvest Creative Magic

What the blank was all that online commotion yesterday? It was one wild book release day party from Twitter to Facebook to Google Plus to Pinterest, from Amazon to Goodreads, and let’s not forget TipsyLit, Obey the Muse, Life Unpublished, and Immortal Portals. Thank each and every one of you for your participation in spreading the word about BLANK A Shieldmaiden’s Voice! I felt it in my heart like Carole Blank would, and your enthusiasm thrilled me! I wish I could make enough glass tumblers for everyone to be a grand prize winner.

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt

How about some virtual cake for starters? A thick filling of light, fluffy raspberry mousse separates chocolate layers to create an epic sugar shock that the voices in Carole Blank’s head would never approve of. As you can see I surrounded it with healthy food to pacify them, that’s got to count for something right? Pretend. Isn’t this the best book release cake ever? It is for this book!

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt

Let’s start with a bonus round of autographed copies of BLANK A Shieldmaiden’s Voice, complete with beautiful blank dog tags. They’re going out to: Natalie Pierson, LaDonna Cole, Katie Cross, Abi Hodges, Frank Lattimore, Laura Katherine, and Kelsey Keating!

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt

Winners of blank dog tags are: Rich Miklitsch, Natalie Good, Crystal Becker, Donna Kilgore, Rob Holliday, Jillian Good, Katie Cross, Joni Lynn, LaDonna Cole, Kerri Gilbert, Natalie Pierson, Hannah Nuss, Debbie Hottleman, Bob James, and Frank Lattimore.

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt

Winners of the custom-designed, one of a kind book logo emblazoned dog tags are: Katie Cross, Kelsey Keating, and LaDonna Cole.

Winner of the $50 Amazon gift card is: Kimberly Robertson.

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt

And the grand prize winner of the hand crafted glass tumblers and matching logo emblazoned dog tag is: Joni Lynn.

Congratulations to the winners! Please contact me privately with your mailing information. All prizes must be claimed by the end of the month.

Again, thank you all for sharing BLANK A Shieldmaiden’s Voice with your online community. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. They will. Hey! Who said that? Uh oh.

BLANK A Shieldmaiden's Voice by S. R. Karfelt


  1. WAHOO!!!! Go Joni on the Big Win!
    She earned it with those amazing Rouge Missions of hers.

    Also congrats to KimRo for the Amazon card!

    To all the rest of us: YEEHAW! We won something!
    I love it.
    So excited.
    Is mine here yet?
    MAIL IT NOW!!!


    Sending you my address now . . .

  3. Thanks, Kelsey! Congrats to all the winners and everyone who decided to undertake this mission. I honestly can't say when I've had so much fun at a release party. It was a blast! Thanks for all the fun everyone and thank you, Stephanie. You are an awesome lady and Blank is just blanking exceptional—loved it!

  4. Congrats Joni! You did an amazing job! And yay Kim on the gift card! Yay for everyone else who won some of the amazing loot!

    And I won stuff!!! Yay me!!! I'm so excited!!!

    Great release party!

  5. Whooo hooo! Fun fun fun! I love release parties... and prizes... and that oatmeal picture! LoL

  6. Claim claim! give me give me!