Monday, February 28, 2022

Coffee or Tea? Nescafe or Chai?


Coffee is better with a view

It's still snowy blowy winter here and my house in encased in acres of what appears to be glaciers at the moment. While I like to imagine that I'm enjoying a nice café latte seaside, mostly I'm wrapped in a plaid blanket, wearing extra thick socks, and sitting right beside a space heater while I have my morning coffee.

Thing is, I kind of hate coffee

The reason I'm drinking it is that I'm currently trying to break my chai latte habit so I still fit into coach seating come spring. One chai latte wouldn't be a problem, but I also love iced-chai. That wouldn't be a problem either especially since I switched to almond milk but I like a venti-size while I'm writing. And when I'm reading. I like it when I'm driving. Or in the book store. The problem is more. I just like more. With a book. When I cook. I like it here or there. I like it anywhere. 

Barnes & Noble makes excellent chai

Starbucks at the Athens Airport makes excellent chai
Heck, I make excellent chai!

I had to be stopped

Realizing all the hiking and working out came to little with my sugar habit I dug through my drawer of herbal teas for an alternative. I came across sample tubes and a couple tins of Nescafe coffee that I picked up in Athens last September. Despite not normally liking coffee, I tend to drink it when I'm in Greece. Plus it doubled as a souvenir for Hubby. He's all about the coffee but didn't like it so stealing it back was fair.

Am I right about coffee with a view?

Outside of Athens, when I get to the tiny island I love to write at every summer, chai latte is hard to come by. Besides sitting at a café beside the Aegean Sea I suddenly like coffee. That's mostly because when I'm in Greece I pretty much like everything. I especially like the little design swirled into the top of my drink. I like to sit at an outside table with a cup. It reminds me how the only time I ever saw my grandmother not moving was when she sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. Only, if I'm going to drink it my preference is a side of sparkling water and olives to get that coffee taste out of my mouth.

It's not so nostalgic when I'm huddled over the space heater but I'm up to an entire half a cup of Nescafe coffee every morning (mixed with about a quarter cup of steamed milk). It's like a Hollywood production making my half cup of coffee and while I don't like it, I don't hate it either. 

The view is meh and so is the drink but caffeine...

Yes, I miss my chai, and yes, I occasionally make myself one, but mostly I have coffee. Thanks to that coffee I think I'm well on my way to a roomier coach seat. Well, thanks to my boring coffee AND the stairmaster, but that killer beast piece of exercise equipment is a whole other necessary change. 

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