Monday, December 6, 2021

Taking Time to Enjoy Moments not Things


A Great Christmas Pumpkin

On Sunday I painted with a four-year-old. I'd caved and bought a Christmas rock painting kit ($10 Barnes & Noble). It came with instructions on how to paint Santa and Christmas Trees. I put brown paper down, opened the jars of paint, and handed the paintbrush to Four and let her have at it. We had paint everywhere. It spreads like glitter and you wonder later as you scrub it off a little face, chairs, the floor, and the inside of your arm how it got there! 

When Four visits me I encourage messes, too much screen time, and few rules. So she loves to visit, but the truth is I enjoy it even more. I love kid art, not when it's a classroom full of like work—but when it's haphazard splashes of color and enthusiastic scribbling. 

On Saturday I went to a friend's. Right in the middle of prime holiday shopping we watched movies, grazed on a charcuterie board, took the dog for a walk, and sat in her hot tub in the cold night talking about nothing and everything.

My grand plan this month is to shop little, spend my weekends doing things with family and friends, and cherish people not things. 

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