Monday, September 29, 2014

Audio Awesome - LaDonna Cole's Audiobook Release!

What?! An Audiobook! LaDonna Cole's book, The Torn, is now available on Audiobook for those of you who prefer to be read to! How cool is that?

Are you a fan of Audiobooks? Did you know that Amazon has a new program called Amazon Unlimited? You can get unlimited ebooks for $9.99 a month? If you sign up they also have a program for Audiobooks. It looks like a sweet deal. I don’t mean to advertise for the Big A, but sheesh, that is a good deal. I just signed up for the unlimited books program last week. There was a pricey non-fiction book I really wanted, and I realized that I since I do spend more than $10 a month on books it would be smart to make the leap. After uploading a pile of my favorite books onto my Kindle, and several non-fiction ones, I felt like a Dachshund when the doorbell rings, gotta share this news with the world. 

Now onto the scoop about LaDonna Cole’s brand spanking new audiobook. This book is Young Adult with some quantum physics thrown in. In my words it’s about a group of kids at a Detention Home who learn about themselves and the world as they travel through quantum spheres into other worlds. Now let’s get the scoop in the publisher’s words.

Abducted to exotic worlds, Kate and a team of teen misfits confront inner monsters brought to life. Dragons, creatures, tornados, and natives terrorize them as they fight to survive in alternate realities and overcome emotional turmoil. Torn between sizzling passion or loyal stability, between self-loathing or independence, Kate must choose to live with horrifying consequences or kill the monster who loves her.

Endorsements for The Torn 

"...LaDonna Cole weaves a coming of age story into a soul-searching experience novel, with the adventure of these quantum jumps. An amazing mix of story lines and ideas to keep everyone interested. ...Each jump for each person is a wonderful lesson for the reader. The characters all deal with things that the everyday teen will be facing and so the whole book is inspirational and encouraging. LaDonna Cole gives the reader romance, adventure, fantasy, and at the same time answers to deal with some of the most pressing problems of youth today. The feelings of worthlessness, self-hatred, parental divorce, abandonment, being unlovable, and so much more. Parents and adults will find it a warming read, and even may find information to help them talk to young people dealing with these issues." Reviewed By Michelle Randall for Readers' Favorite Five Stars 
LaDonna Cole, Author

It’s a rare thing when a storyteller manages to weave together a fascinating tale, intriguing characters and brilliant craftsmanship into a truly breathtaking adventure. But that’s exactly what LaDonna Cole has accomplished with The Torn. Wildly imaginative and infinitely entertaining, The Torn moves at the speed of thought, and as much as it quickens your pulse, it also tugs at your heart with characters who stay with you long after the last page. Thankfully, The Torn is only the first in the “Holding Kate Trilogy”; with nightmare monsters, all-too-real villains and didn't-see-them-coming twists, I can’t wait to continue this ride! Robert Liparulo, author of the Dreamhouse Kings, The 13th Tribe and The Judgment Stone 

A fast-paced psychological ride that will have readers guessing from the first page to the last." Heather Burch, bestselling author of The Halflings series.


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  4. I love all things Heartwork Village. Not to mention how amazing this voice actress is. Holy cow! She had be right from the get go!