Friday, September 26, 2014

Through the Portal

S. R. Karfelt

My fellow bloggers over at Read Write Muse asked me to be part of an anthology to raise money for cancer charity. They said, “The theme is portals, would you be willing to write a story for it, and donate the profit?” As soon as I heard the word portal I was in. But I played hard to get. “If I can title my story Portal Potty, I will,” said I. There was a moment of silence, and I suspect some head shaking, but they’re the best of the best and they said, “Sure, Stephanie.”

They humor me a lot, but that’s not why I love them so much. I love them because they’re my Scenius, my peeps, and both my circus and my monkeys. And I’m kinda jazzed and proud of our first collaborative effort. You will be surprised when you read Portal Potty too. While the title is glib, and a bit tongue in cheek, it’s actually a serious story, with absolutely nothing fantastical. It’s a story about epiphanies reached in the loo.

Through the Portal
An Anthology by the Writers of Read Write Muse
Release Date: 10-7-2014

The portal experts at Read Write Muse invite you to escape into imagination through this portal story collection.

Jump through time to new worlds, indulge in pizza, chocolate, and romance. Fight evil villains, transport with innocent souls, and glimpse into that final portal awaiting us all.

Authors, bloggers, song writers and poets collaborate to bring you stories sprinkled with ethereal prose, whimsical humor, and heart pounding thrills. Through the Portal beckons you to unlock the adventure.

Including the works of Annie Adams, Andrea Asay, J.S. Bailey, LaDonna Cole, Katie
S. R. Karfelt
Cross, Laura Custodio, Rob Holliday, S. R. Karfelt, Kelsey Keating, D. M. Kilgore, Emily Ogle, Natalie J. Pierson, and Kimberly Robertson.

Read Write Muse will donate $1 per book sale to a cancer related charity for one year. (And you cannot imagine the logistical quagmire it is for a group of writers to donate book proceeds! If any of us go missing, check for us in a marshy moor of mucky paperwork. Whew!)


  1. Did you hear my scream of excitement?


    Perhaps the pee running down my leg then?

  2. Right? I'm so jazzed for this book!