Tuesday, September 30, 2014

In Creeps the Night Book Release!

Author S. R. Karfelt

In Creeps the Night An Anthology of fifty Flash Fiction tales released this week!

During a phone conversation awhile back, my publisher asked if I had a horror story in me. They encouraged me to submit a story to J. A. Mes Press if I did. J. A. Mes Press publishes anthologies where all the proceeds go to charity, and the Flash Fiction Anthology In Creeps the Night will donate all royalties to Mothers Without Borders. How worthy is that? Of course I was in. I can do horror writer, although my tongue in cheek may show through my story just a tad.

The Flash Fiction I wrote is called Golden Years, and I was thrilled when it got accepted into the anthology. When the editor returned it to me after working her magic, she said, “It’s good. There’s something wrong with you.” Which is exactly what Stephen King’s editors say to him—okay, maybe I’m making that part up, but I betcha. You know they do, because that’s what the readers say!

So enjoy my glittery foray into the Horror genre. I sure did, and it’s for a good cause. I've read several of the authors and you will be In Creeps the Nighted for sure. You might want to curl up in a cozy chair and pull on a pair of sparkly slippers in preparation. That’s what I do.

Don’t have sparkly slippers? How about a sparkly slipper giveaway then?! We haven't had a giveaway here at The Glitter Globe in ages!

The Glitter Globe Sparkly Slipper Giveaway
You need a pair. Or your honey does. 

If you share this anthology release around the metaverse this week (as in Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, your blog, what have you) and leave a comment below telling me what you did, and where, I’ll put your name into a drawing for a pair. You might even get to pick the color! You get two entries into the drawing for leaving a comment below and two for each share wherever you go! So the more you share, the better your chances. Remember to let me know below, so I can give you full credit!

And as of this moment In Creeps the Night is in the #2 selling spot on Amazon for Horror Anthologies, which is some kind of wonderful. If it hits #1 we're going to have to go for more than one pair of slippers, aren't we? In order to give you plenty of time, the drawing will be Monday, 10-6-14. 

S. R. Karfelt in The Glitter Globe
Remember ALL proceeds go to Mothers Without Borders, and you can pick up your copy of In Creeps the Night at Amazon by clicking right HERE

My name is S. R. Karfelt. I’m a reader, writer, wanderer, sparkly slipper wearer, and today I’m sparkling in blue. In an emergency these could double as a disco ball. And my feet aren’t nearly as big as they look in this picture. Okay, fine, they are, but wanderers need big feet.


  1. I love, love, love, LOVE that you wrote a horror story for this and that you and I are both in this anthology. And trust me, I have shared, shared, shared and shared this everywhere. It's on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, my blog, and I might have even wrote it on a few bathroom walls. Maybe. I'm not telling.

    I don't do glitter. You don't do horror. I do horror. You do glitter. I think it's only fitting that you send me these slippers so we can dance The Time Warp in them togther on our roadtrip *whistles*

  2. Yay for glittery slippers! Well, I'm not sure how I'm going to play along here, because I kind of blitzed and blogged and posted, and pinned, and tweeted, and plus-ed, and so on so on so forth today. It was all self-promotion for the same book, does that count? Hahaha!

    Seriously though, here's to the terrible trio of Kilgore, Karfelt, and Cole (in that order because I thought it rolled off the tongue best that way- not because I think I am better than the warrior queen and the queen o' spheres!). We are truly twisted sisters. Is the world ready for this? Hmm?

  3. I, too, was wondering if it counts that I was sharing the heck out of this anthology because I have a story in it.

  4. It totally counts no matter why you're sharing it, Theresa!

    Hey, Joni! I love that we're both in it too. I don't do horror, but I can do weird way into Creepsville--that's gotta count.

    DMK--Ready or not here we come! And Kilgore's blog is hosting a giveaway too, so you might want to internet stalk your way over there too, if you're trying to fill your Halloween bucket.

  5. Hello, lovely glittery lady! I've shared DM's anthology page, but I will tweet yours too! And Google+ and Pinterest, too.

    I think there might need to be a sort of glitter horror subgenre. Start that, okay?

    I can't wait to read your first foray into horror! My first time was for Through the Portal! And I have big feet too, all the better for glittery slippers.

  6. Excuse me while I do all of the things...

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kelsey.r.keating/posts/10154683927490444

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/KelseyRaeK/status/517326192009940992

    Google+: https://plus.google.com/+KelseyKeating/posts

    Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/kelseyraek

    Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/199847302190367131/


  7. Okay, I thought I'd better list what I did to share. PInterest - pinned to two boards. Tweeted your link twice (and Donna's twice!). Google+ed it. Submitted it to Digg (dugg it?) Put it in my Flipboard magazine (Book Love), and on my Scoop.com content curation page, "a writing life." There you go!


    I love all things pumpkin and glitter globe!

  9. Also, I bought it, and shared on G+, Pinterest, and FB.


  10. Oh, and twitter. Twitter too.

  11. My feet are cold and in need of a bit of glitz! I tweeted, blogged, RWM'd it, shared on several fb pages, g+, kept a moment by moment watch over the leap frog jump over Stephen King! eek! liked everyone else's shares, bragged to my friends and family, made a general nuisance of myself over it, bought 7 copies at full price, (lol) and screamed in terror after reading some of the stories in it. *holds hand out, "slippers please" :)

  12. I bought the book, read most of it, and I'm commenting, and I'm tweeting, and I'm going to Google plus (whatever that matters) and then I want GOLD.