Friday, August 16, 2013


Warrior of the Ages by S. R. Karfelt

At long last my first novel has been released into the wilds of the Real World. What a ride! Yesterday was spent at an all day virtual party right here - in cyberspace. Crashed my laptop. It was AWESOME. You were all so wonderful, and I had a blast. Hope you enjoyed it too! A reminder that you can check out updates on the book at the main website, Warrior of the Ages DOT COM or the official Facebook Page. Both places will keep you up to date on fun details and eventually the NEXT BOOK (Seriously? Asking me when the next one is out on release day is akin to being asked on your wedding day when a baby can be expected! Though I secretly loved it, and the answer is soon because it is ALREADY WRITTEN! HAH!)

Piles of loot went out during the party. Here is a complete list of giveaways and recipients:

Signed Bookmark w/Mini-Skeleton Key: Robin Harnist, Brian Detnerski, Oscar Carey, Bonnie Middaugh, Tim Middaugh, Lisa Godfries and Ed Keelan

Tote Bags w/Key Chain: Hannah Nuss, Kelly Simmons Keating, Rajdeep Paulus, Donna M Kilgore, Sarah Wojnarek

Skeleton Key Necklace: Donna Seamans, Carol Wojnarek, Amanda Dickerson, Heather Fourman

Katara Dagger Necklace: LaDonna Cole, Kimberley Robertson, Bob James

Signed Book: Brian Detnerski, Kristen Andryshak

Skeleton Key: Crystal Becker, Terri Ringer

Dagger Letter Opener: Lynn Andryshak, Rich Miklitsch, Jennifer Bailey and Robin Harnist

Grand Prize Loot Bags: Tina Stark, Suzanne Schrader

$50 BN Gift Card: Christine Wren

Thank you all for participating! Hope you had a good time at the party. Be sure to contact me with your private info so that I can mail you your prizes. is the way to do that!

Now we rest. Briefly. Because there is all that beautiful space on the bookshelf that must be filled, right?

S. R. Karfelt
"Let's just run the Release Party All Day"


  1. That was a blast! I had a good time even though I had to depart to finish my math exam! I can't wait to finish reading WOA. Maybe soon my book release party will crash my laptop? You've set the bar high!

  2. Sad panda. No letter opener for me.

    It's okay... sigh. I'd probably just threaten my husband with it anyway. :)

    Mine is in the mail. CAN'T BLOODY WAIT!