Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Clone Zone

Fun Things To Do With Your Clone

The Glitter Globe/S. R. Karfelt

1) Meet her (or him).

First off let’s crush those clone stereotypes. Your clone was not created in a lab. (At least not that we can prove.) Your clone is not here to do your dirty work. You will never get her to do your taxes while you write novels. In my case my clone has her own novels to write. They are nothing like mine. She is my clone, but she has a mind and life of her own. Those are clone facts. You heard it here first.

The very first time I saw my clone my heart fluttered. No, it wasn’t a girl crush. I hadn’t even seen her shoe collection yet. Nor was it that I realized she was, indeed, my very own clone. No, my heart fluttered because for the first time in my writing life I saw a character from one of my novels in the flesh. I was so star struck I couldn’t approach her. Well that and the character she looks like does happen to be an assassin, but I digress. It was at a writing event and while I watched her from afar, I couldn’t work up the nerve to approach her. Since I was flying home, and we all know that you can’t get here from there, I got stranded. I didn’t mind. I never mind getting stuck on the way home from anything. While the people scheduled for my flight stressed and worried, and I fought to keep the expression of glee off my face (they were giving me vouchers for later flights, hotels, and meals – YES) I spotted HER.

Deliriously happy with my good fortune, I danced over to her gate and introduced myself. A friendship was formed. One of those obsessive stalkery ones. I will love you and squeeze you and call you George.  It was mutual though, so you don’t need to report it or anything. It wasn’t long before we were finishing each other’s sentences and texting constantly. My online friends were the first to insist there was a physical resemblance.

I don't see it.

2) Get to know your clone.

My clone lives where the deer and the antelope play, so our clonemance had been long distance. Until, after news of the publication of my first book, she sent me this via Twitter.


As you can obviously tell by this message, my clone was coming to my Warrior of the Ages book release party! My joy knew no bounds. 


3) Freak out family and friends! (Now we're getting to the good stuff.)

After her arrival my husband was a bit freaked out. Um, Dear Hubby said, Um - Does your clone know who her father is? Of course she does, I said, why? It's just kinda weird, he insisted, citing mannerisms, looks, expressions, speech, sense of humor, other similarities. Of course, I explained, I told you she was my clone. I mean, she's next-gen obviously, but a clone is a clone right? 

S. R. Karfelt w/Clone Keating at Warrior of the Ages Release Party

4) Freak yourself out a bit.

So driving along in the time travel jeep as dusk approached, while chatting away to my clone and my friend, Angel, I managed to get us lost somewhere in the hills. My clone let out an excited squeal, "Old cemetery!" My heart leapt in my chest. YES! I thought, YES! She really, truly is my clone. I hit the brakes and threw the gear into park. From the back seat I'm pretty sure I heard Angel mutter something like, "Oh. My. Not happening." Obviously Angel considered my penchant for approaching old cemeteries with an enthusiasm far surpassing any day at an amusement park, as one of my own quirks. Apparently not. 

I don't have a picture of this one...

5) If you love your clone, set her free

Because she needs to get back to where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and you both have novels to write. Face it, if you lived near each other you'd never get any writing done.


Do you have a clone? What do you like to do together? (If you don't have one, make sure you stay on the lookout.) If you did have a clone, what freakiness would give him/her away?


  1. Like like like! I love these clones! If I had a next gen clone............
    nope I can't even go there. The horror of it all! Two of me, nuh uh, nope, can't be.

  2. LOL, I bet you could handle it!

  3. I've been meaning to ask you for days now how you two ended up being clones. I love this post!

  4. So beautiful. I reposted.
    It's just too much fun.

    There just aren't words.

  5. So apparently my "What interesting stuff should I say in my comment?" look is very evil. I freaked out DH. And I quote, "You seriously had me worried."
    But I didn't do anything... yet. 0:)

  6. Katie - We didn't realize we were clones until someone pointed it out. In time we realized it certainly seems to be the case.

    The best part of having a clone, besides the obvious friendship, is that she'll hang out in old cemeteries with you while you scout out names for your collection - AND she won't roll her eyes. Not once.
    Not even if you stumble over the pronunciation of the name "Bucher".

  7. Okay, I want to see Heretic's clone. Now THAT would freak out DH!