Thursday, August 15, 2013

Warrior of the Ages Book Trailer

Just ask me how hard it has been to keep this trailer under wraps! Can barely believe I've managed it! Feel free to nab it, steal it, SHARE it everywhere you go on the web! I'd just love it if you'd do that for me. I'm talking email, put it on your phone, twitter, facebook, anywhere you like to go!

In the comment section below if you mention it, or share your link info, I'll send you an autographed bookmark to show my appreciation.*

Be sure to join in the WOA Release Party today, here or the official page of Facebook

First and foremost, being a firm believer that life is far too important to be taken seriously, I love to laugh. I'm
S. R. Karfelt, Author of Warrior of the Ages
a writer with a penchant for Speculative Fiction, likely caused by exposure to dangerous levels of the high-tech industry.

When I try to write a mainstream story, something unexpected worms its way in and who am I to deny the muse? A wanderer by nature, I'm from wherever I'm writing today. I'm a wife and a mother and a writer and a storyteller.

The kaleidoscope of human perspective fascinates and often amuses me. Salad and ice cream are what's for dinner if I'm cooking. The only thing I collect are stories, and I've been blessed with a face that apparently says, "Really? Tell me more!"

Outside is my favorite place to be. Jogging to angry screamo music makes me happy. Telling the truth is my moral code as a writer, and I believe joy is often a matter of perspective and priority.

*(This offer is limited to the first twenty responders/times out at 3:00 p.m. EST on 8/15/2013!)


  1. I shared it and posted about it and did the happy dance because I was so proud of yoU!

  2. I shared this video several times today! Jazzed! The party has been awesome, especially the cake! mmmm...

  3. You two are wonderful! THANK YOU!