Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Caffeine-Free Dessert-Freak Party

What’s a party without snacks, we’ve got to have snacks. If you were hoping for dips and finger food, sorry, dessert is my favorite food. If I didn’t know for a fact how much better it feels to put veggies and whole grains into this body, it is all I would eat. Sadly what goes into the body does make a difference. I just love the way it feels to hop a fence, or try to do one of my lame pathetic cartwheels with my niece. Too much dessert wrecks those already questionable skills. So I mostly just dream about them, and wait. This is what I fantasize about – Black Tie Mousse Cake from Olive Garden. I’m not a big Olive Garden fan, but sometimes I go just for dessert. As a matter of fact that is something I like to do with my girls and their friends. We call it “Pubbing” and it doesn’t involve alcohol. We get all dolled up and hit several of our favorite restaurants in one night. At each stop we order a dessert and share it. By the end of the night we are sugared up and happy, and the girls are spitting water at each other through straws.
Since a good deal of the time I’m all about whole foods, I tend to find excuses to celebrate things that involve really spectacular cakes filled with raspberry mousse. That way I can justifiably cheat on my vegan meal plan. You find me a month and I will find you a dang good reason to celebrate, and I’ll bring the cake. I’ve gone so far as to have “Happy Cake” written on the cake. You have got to cram those celebrations in there when you can.
A group of friends used to hit a coffee house late at night to chat. One of those places with a guitar player in the corner that only sells coffee, not even tea. I’d never had coffee in my life when I started going, and it was there that I discovered cappuccino. It rocked!  We stayed until they closed, then stood in the parking lot until it emptied, then started dropping each other off and stood outside each house chatting. When I got home at about 3:00 a.m., I’d clean. It was probably the only time in my life that my house was orderly. The effect from a cup of caffeinated coffee lasted about 48 hours for me. I had to stop drinking the stuff. That neat freak stuff just wasn’t me. Then I discovered Starbuck’s frappuccinos. ß I just sang that last sentence, did you sense that? They are frozen concoctions of deliciousness and you can get them without caffeine. Are you a fan?  Have you tried one?  Tada, this is what they look like.

Now I hopefully have you in the mood for something topped in whipped cream. Since we’re right in the middle of The Glitter Globe’s 100th blog celebration, I have another giveaway. And since I suck at math so badly, and figured out that this blog is actually the 100th one and not yesterday’s – it has to be something extra good. How about a $10 gift card to Starbucks?  Yay!  I’ll be giving away three of them in the next forty-eight hours. Again, I’m asking you to join this site AND this is where it gets tricky – if you have a friend join (or two of three) – I’ll put your name and theirs into the hat (actually it is a 5" stiletto heel pump) that many times for the random drawing. Just make sure your friend/friends mention you in the post. And just to be fair, if you're like me and mostly only have the imaginary friends you write about, I've got you covered. I'll put you in twice if you leave me a comment and give me the scoop about your favorite dessert. 


  1. My favorite dessert is a tie between tiramisu and lemon cello cake. Ironically, both of which olive garden serves. I already liked this page because I love the glitter globe and you. May your voice ring true for another 100 x 100 blogs, novels, screenplays and other written doo dads!

  2. The "scoop" about my favourite (spelling, it's always about the little things) dessert is a nice scoop or six of ice cream. Preferably at Peaches and Cream, but my living room will do if the other's too far away (sob). To tell the honest truth, though, i'm not certain that i have one favourite; i'm sitting here thinking, and thoughts of golden syrup steam pudding, sherry trifle, apple pie and custard, and plenty of other delights are dancing through my mind. Great, now i'm going to be thinking dessert all day at work; thanks a lot Glittery One!

  3. All my friends live in the jungle, but I made sure to re-mention they need to come follow.

    My favorite dessert...hmm...
    Actually, I'm not HUGE on sweets, so it takes something awesome to drop me to my knees.

    Because lactose and I are locked in an eternal battle, I LOVE sorbet. The stuff just gets me. Especially Key Lime sorbet (which you can't find ANYWHERE).

    Sopapillas (done right) are probably butted up against sorbet. I had them at La Casa De Oro in Coeur d'alene Idaho. They were dusted with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with strawberry sauce. Mmmmmmm....drool....

  4. Well this is simple enough. Three posts = A gift card for each of you. Email me your address folks!