Monday, July 30, 2012

You're Invited to a Party!

This is blog post #100 and that deserves a celebration. You know what that means?  Party in The Glitter Globe. I’ve been known to throw some decent parties. There will be snacks, sparkly stuff and music. In fact, let’s make today Music Monday and I’ll give away some iTunes gift cards, so you can listen to whatever you like. There is a small caveat, I’m going to ask you to sign up and follow my blog if you haven’t already, post a comment below and I’ll randomly pick three posts in the next twenty-four hours.

A one day party isn’t nearly enough either. This is going to be like a Glittery Woodstock. At least three days, and if enough people come, we’ll just hang around Spooky Hill and keep right on partying. Now let’s talk party. What was your favorite party?  I think my all time favorite was The Pony Party. It was my first taste of country life. I was living in Texas at the time, in the country with cattle and coyotes. Every now and then cattle would stray and I’d find them outside eating my grass. Being originally more of a city chick, I really didn’t know what to do about that. I mean, do they bite?  The kids enjoyed watching them though, and then I asked my daughter what she wanted to do for her 5th birthday. She said, “Ride a pony.” I thought, “Hey!  We can probably do that right here, if there are cows there are certainly ponies around somewhere.”  So instead of having a party with her friends over I spent the entire $75 party budget just to rent ponies.
Now I was pretty jazzed about this, two guys brought ponies to the house and walked them around by the lead. I mean, really?  Is that not a Princess party?  Apparently not, because my Princess would not willingly come out of the sandbox to look at those ponies during the hour and half they were there. We ended up applying just enough parental guilt to get the kids onto the beast’s backs for a picture, and then knocking on doors and getting neighbors to come over for a ride. What made it my favorite party?  When my Sweet Princess explained to me later, with her plastic My Little Pony toy clutched in her fist. “Mom, I wanted the pink or blue ones with the sparkly eyes.”  My bad. Turns out the big hairy, refuse dropping beasts weren’t Princess Party material.
After moving to Spooky Hill we hosted a Halloween party for kids. The adults dressed as Scooby-Doo characters, I got a purple dress and dyed my hair red and voila – Daphne!  My niece was Scooby, and Dear Hubby spent the night explaining that the orange ascot around his neck meant he was Fred. The kids played a game that involved eating whatever gross thing you pulled out of a paper bag. A neighbor guy showed up dressed like a genie, and it was rather spectacular. Hubby put hay in a wagon and used the lawnmower to haul kids around the backyard in the dark. There were dozens of kids running from back doors through front doors. At one point everyone started fussing about Moses. I went in search of someone dressed as Moses; it turned out to be some sort of giant dog that had arrived on the scene. It ran around the house, chased the hay wagon, and eventually was dragged back to wherever it came from. In short, the party rocked, and we had hay in the house for months afterward to remind us how much fun it was.
How about leaving a comment and telling me about your favorite party?  Have you ever hosted a party and when it came time to clean up after, debated moving instead?  (Remember to leave a comment below. I’m giving away three $10 iTunes gift cards in the next 24 hours. You can use them for any kind of music you like. Just, please, if you waste use them for country music, don’t even tell me.)


  1. A party? I love parties and I love music. :D

  2. Ah, parties. How I dread them. I love them, of course, but being the anxiety filled energetic little shieldmaiden that I am, I tend to be a liability.
    All jokes aside I do enjoy going to parties (if planning them makes me crazy) and I think my favorite recent one was being Robin Hood last year (with my real bow and arrows). I also love any party where there's dancing. I love dancing. So much. But not to country. I may be from Montana, but I'm not of the country loving kind.

  3. i think i live a little far away for parties lol

  4. I love dance parties- so I make the kids in my daycare class have one everyday with me... Especially the ones that don't involve me putting on a certain someone's glittery tops.. hahaha

  5. My mom did a tea party for my 8th birthday party. Everyone dressed up and we had a tea party in my backyard and my mom decorated everything all pretty. Instead of a cake, my mom made us little hat cakes and we decorated them and we gave our guests tea cups and saucers all wrapped up pretty with girly things in them. We took pictures with parasols and lace backdrops. It was awesome! :)

  6. Party... Don't do much for parties at my house, but one year for my birthday, we went to the botanical gardens. They had an exhibit of dinosaur replicas passing through (my fb has pic of me being munched on by a t-rex skull). Another year my father and I spent several hours at the Asian cultural festival. I spent a lot of time at the Japanese kimono booth and gift shop. So much so that the professor running the shop gave me a discount and the people at the kimono booth used me as their model for the demonstration. (There's a pic of that on my fb, too.)
    My husband's family has a fun birthday party tradition. They sing Happy Birthday in Polish.

  7. I have a story to go with your pony story. As a kid I really wasn't into birthday parties they were more of something that I was forced into when I was younger because believe it or not I used to be shy :P. But finally by the time I turned 10 I was giving a choice as to what I wanted to do for my birthday and the parties ended there instead I would always just go and do something fun like go to canada's wonderland, marineland, etc. Anyways when I turned 12 my dad told me he had a surprise for my birthday and that I could bring one friend with me. His hint for the trip was we had to wear our hair up and long pants and that it was something I asked him for before. I called up my cousin Andrea to invite her and told her everything I knew. We still had two weeks until it was time to go so in every spare second we had we were talking about all the cool things we might be doing and because I was a very original child I thought it might be Canada's Wonderland again. The night before we were going to where ever we were going Andrea slept over and it took us hours to pick out the perfect outfits that would be good for anything we decided on these sequin pink and white shirts and beige dress capri pants and went to bed. In the morning we got up and andrea did my hair with about 50 glittery (extra points for using the word glitter in my post) butterfly clips and we did each others makeup and sat there waiting until it was time to go. We were finally on our way in the morning trying to get my dad to tell me what we were doing but he wouldn't. After about an hour my dad told us we were almost there which is when I noticed we were surrounded by farms and I kept looking around the corners waiting for something to pop up and then he pulled the car into one of the farms. So I said to him "What are we doing here? did you need to stop and see a friend?" and he replied with the biggest smile on his face because he was so excited "No, this is it, we're going horse back riding! Don't you love it!" which is when I just stared at him in disbelief and he kept talking and told me that about 4 months previous I told him I thought that horses were cool so he thought I might really like this. Then me being all polite I went along with it being like "Oh yeah! thanks so much dad!" so we got out of the car all dolled up ready to ride our horses and the guy told me I had to take all the clips of of my hair to get the helmet on my head so I spent 15 minutes taking my hair out. Then we got to pick out our horses and I got a pretty white one, making things a little better, so it was time to get on the horse which I found out that up close they are terrifying animals but I manned up and got on my horse. And making the experience even bettere it turns out the horse I picked wasn't very obedient and when all the other horses were following the guide my horse decided to go off-pathing?! Needless to say it wasn't canada's wonderland!! He did take me for ice cream afterwards though ...

  8. Also, just an fyi I will use it for country music!! :)

  9. Party! Party!

    We had the farm party! It was pretty fun. We had the safari party,the lock in overnighters, the sweet 16 scavenger hunt party, the Cinco de Mayo Taco party, the various super hero parties, the Gathering Halloween bash, the 11-11-11 wish bonfire party, the tweety bird party and the Daisy party (daisies were rampant and the cute little Golden retriever puppy named Daisy, was the hit gift.

    I think my favorite party was Dayla's graduation party. We hung sheers around the patio and they wafted in the breezes and I purchased, lit, and hung 75 chinese laterns on shepherd hooks along the walk way and around the yard. Everyone who was anyone was there and we sat around the patio while all of Dayla's musical friends serenaded us. The food was great, the cake was amazing, the corn hole game was mostly for the menfolk and the warmth of friends and family gathered in our home kindled happy memories for months.

    I love parties! Any excuse for a party!
    LaDonna Cole

  10. Nine posts at 5:00 p.m. today. I put everyone's initials on a piece of paper, folded it neatly, plopped them into one of my lucky Barbie-Pink 5" heels - and voila - had an impartial picker spin around in circles and shake up and down and draw three of them. These are the three chosen for the iTunes gift card:
    Miriam Timmer
    If I drew your name, please email your address to:
    If I didn't draw your name, the next post is coming up shortly and it is three more gift cards! Hope you enjoy The Glitter Globe. I don't like giveaways, because I want everyone to get a giftcard...