Friday, August 3, 2012

Epic Slinky Dog Giveaway

Shopping is not my thing, yet a couple months ago I found myself at Toys R Us searching for an emergency unicorn. It happens. Fortunately the mission was a success and there were two to choose from. One had a defective horn and the salesperson suggested I pick the other one. Shaking my head, I explained, “I don’t like the look in his eye.”  These little details are important, who wants a unicorn giving you the stink eye?  I was leaving the store, cripple-horn unicorn in tow, when I spotted an entire aisle full of that type of candy that really isn’t edible. You know the kind I mean:  lollipops as big as your head in colors not seen in nature, gummy rats, candy buttons, rubber candy shaped like hamburgers and ponies. I pondered the sanity of consumerism run amuck. Then I saw him. Slinky Dog. Now that's just cool. I bought them all.

They were quickly adopted out. There are now Glitter Globe Slinky Dogs all over the country and abroad. Luckily a new shipment arrived this week, so I can share even more! The guy who delivered the Slinky Dogs was shaking the box. They rattle and a whole herd of them sound impressive. He was curious about the contents so I opened it and showed him, and he just shook his head. This guy has been a little bit afraid of me ever since I used him to reenact a particularly gruesome scene from one of my novels. The thing is if you interrupt my writing – even to deliver a package – you’re taking a chance.   
Now onto The Epic Slinky Dog giveaway…we can play this until I run out of Slinky Dogs!  If you haven’t already, please follow my blog (by clicking on “Join this site” or through networked blogs) and leave a comment on today’s blog – or any future blog. I’ll keep track of your comments. Then for every five new blog followers I get, I’ll share a Slinky Dog with one commenter, starting today and going until I run out of Slinky Dogs. There’s an entire nest of them next to me, so this could take awhile. Uh-oh. You know what I just noticed?  Every one of them is giving me the stink eye!

*Thanks to Girard for the awesome picture!


  1. I hope you made him wear high heels! lol.


  2. I nearly hit a unicorn once with my car, it didn't look fluffy to me -_-

  3. I love my Slinky Dog! People need to follow so ALL can have one!

  4. Yay - Five new blog followers already. That means it is time for another Slinky Dog to go to his new home. This round goes to Anonymous. So, Anonymous, please let me know where you want Slinky to go. Contact me at:
    and I'll send him on his way!

  5. If it's candy - it's edible. End of story.
    And those giant lolipops are good (and last about a week). :P

  6. Heretic - You just can't consume those lollipops if you have big busy hair. Trust me on that. Especially not riding in a car. Trust me on that. And if you do, just swing by the barbers to have it all chopped out, because the longer you wait, the worse it gets. Trust me on that.

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