Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer Musing

Writing, S.R. Karfelt, Author
S.R. Karfelt/All Rights Reserved

Let’s GTF out of here. You have a credit card don’t you? Let’s go somewhere.

Excuse me? I cancelled three trips because The Muse insisted she needed to be still for two ENTIRE months and write. We could have gone to a spring training baseball game. Dear Hubby was so disappointed.

Don’t live in the past.

It’s only been six weeks of being still and writing. I need another twenty thousand words!

If you get mathy on me I’ll come up with another new idea for the opening scene of Forever. I’ve got ideas and I’m not afraid to use them.

Fine. Anything but that. Where do you want to go?

Oh, I don’t know. Let’s look at places online.

No. I’m not getting online with you. You just end up on Facebook or Twitter alienating total strangers with your cryptic one-liners.

I’m so effing funny. I kill me.

You kill me too.

Let’s go for a hike. Are there any good caves around here? I feel like exploring a cave or hiking a mountain. Do you have a head lamp and a selfie-stick?


We should get on Amazon and buy them.

Hmmm. Wait! No! I’m not getting on Amazon with you either!

Credit cards are wasted on mortals.

When you start paying the bill we can talk about head lamps and selfie sticks.

What did I say about math? Don’t go there. It’s not about numbers or popularity. It’s about riding the story wherever I take you. You can’t put a price on that experience.

Amazon can.

Let’s drive up to the University and sneak into a class. I liked that molds and fungi one.

No. The kids all think I’m the teacher.

Let’s pretend to be!

I’m so not going to jail for you.

Don’t make me laugh. You’d do anything for me.

Just help me finish this scene! Come on! I’m taking you on a writer’s retreat this summer. I’ll let you pick my clothes!

Don’t toy with me.

Seriously. You can even buy a hat.

Oh. My. Heart’s a fish outta water! I love when you let me dress you.

Like you have a heart. I didn’t say I’d wear it.

It’s gonna be a great summer.

I mean who did you think inspired me to buy all those hats I never wear? Like you don’t have a muse who picks your fashion don’ts? 

Maybe you don’t have a writing muse, but are you going to tell me you don’t even have an irresponsible-let’s-have-some-fun summer muse? I thought as much. 

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  1. My muse must have better taste, cause she picks out most of my clothes. You can actually go through my closet and identify which story I was working on when I got different things.

    She does get frustrated with my budget... and my dress size. Lol