Friday, May 29, 2015

Little Girl Lost - One Pretty Little Assassin

Call of the Warrior, Author, S.R. Karfelt
Call of the Warrior/Author S.R. Karfelt

Before Carole Blank became the Shieldmaiden in Heartless, she attacked primary school, battled social services, and meted out her share of playground justice.

Little Girl Lost - A little girl lost to her people doesn’t cooperate with social services or the voices in her head.

Little Girl Crossed - Adrift in a world she doesn’t understand Carole finds her classmates as uncooperative as she is.

Little Girl Accost - Vigilante justice has a price even in grammar school.

Read about Carole's early adventures in Call of the Warrior Anthology by Read Write Muse. 

Carole Blank, Call of the Warrior, Heartless A Shieldmaiden's Voice, S.R. Karfelt
S.R. Karfelt

Carole Blank, Heartless, S.R. Karfelt
S.R. Karfelt
All of her life Carole Blank has been a little faster, a little stronger, and a disinclined to acquiesce to the BS around her. It started in First Grade and continued into adulthood. 

Perhaps you can relate?

Every day a new attitude is born. Let me know what you think about Carole Blank’s. Or yours if you're so inclined to share it.


  1. She is definitely one pretty little assassin. That little girl is exactly how I would have pictured young Carole Blank!