Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Ragged Edge and Why It's a Great Place to Live

S. R. Karfelt, The Ragged Edge, The Glitter Globe, Author, Writer
S. R. Karfelt/The Glitter Globe

What does it mean to live on the Ragged Edge? It means putting yourself out there and taking risks. It means not letting fear stop you from doing the things you want to do.

It means unspeakably good things can happen to you as you journey toward your dreams. 

Is living on the Ragged Edge dangerous? Being alive is dangerous. But I’m talking about pushing past fear when it holds you back, and doing things you never thought you could do. Living on the Ragged Edge means different things for everybody. My Ragged Edge might not look nearly as impressive as yours.

The idea is to put yourself out there and take some risks. You have to find your own Ragged Edge. 

It might be a bit scary, but just what if something wonderful happens?

Sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it's messy, and oftentimes nothing goes as planned. It can be scary. I suppose that's why not everyone wants to live there.

Somewhere along the way I've picked up the idea that dreams are achievable based on only one criteria--never, ever give up. Remember the Mel Gibson Braveheart quote? "Everyone dies but not everyone lives." 

Facing your fears and stepping outside your comfort zone is what life on the Ragged Edge is all about. I’ve learned that what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, not to mention I'm having the time of my life with it.

How about you? Would you rather take risks and at least visit the Ragged Edge from time to time? Or are you staying happily ever after in The Shire? 

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