Saturday, January 10, 2015

I am Writer

The Glitter Globe Muse Writer Karfelt
S. R. Karfelt/The Glitter Globe
All Rights Reserved

I am the muse.
I am resistance.
I embody success.
I embody failure.

My writing will never be perfect.
My story will be written, in fact it is, everyday. Just not today. Definitely tomorrow.
I am persistence. I am impatience.

When do you want to write the best novel of your career? NOW!
When do you want it published? NOW!
Who’s going to read it? EVERYONE! NOW!

My writing is trite.
My writing is unique.

I’ll persevere. Unless I don’t.
I’ll give up. Unless I won’t.

I serve words when I cook.
I vacuum them when I clean.
I steal them when I look.
I torture and tame them in my book.

I whisper when I shout.
Laugh when I cry.
Run when I sleep.
Wake up to die.

Cause someone’s gonna. Die.
Don’t look at me, I’m just the scribe.

It’s about the story you see.
Yours. Mine. And Ours.
We all have one.
Or two. Or none we want to share.

It’s the sum of all parts.
The bottom line.
The beginning and the middle.
The end of the line.

It’s what I do.
And so do you.
Using A through Z.
It’s how we see.

I am writer. May I have this dance?

May I?

May I have this dance with you?

This post was originally published 9-1-13, but never here on The Glitter Globe and I'm really feeling this today and needed to fling these words into the Glitterverse to see if you can feel them. 


  1. Does it feel sparkly? LOL

    Glad someone can feel it!

  2. IT'S SO SPARKLY! *gasp*

    *dances in the glitter*

  3. So much love for this!!
    *twirls and laughs in the glitter*

  4. And all God's writers said - Amen!

  5. *inserts sparkly jumpsuits and rave paint*

  6. Your words are amazing. I don't know what else to say--and I'm a writer.
    Wait. I do have something else.

    I'd like to copy and paste your words into a file and print a copy to put near my work station. But I can't. Where's a glittery corkboard when you need one?

    Would you mind if I do that?
    Under the Mercy,
    Sherry Thompson

  7. Hi SherryT! Am so glad you liked my stream of consciousness musing, and sorry you don't have a glittery corkboard, but go ahead and print it out for yourself! I'm flattered.

    I like your hedgehog btw. Did you see my driving one in the previous post? They're adorable!

  8. Hi, again! I hadn't seen the hedgehog picture. I just discovered you, hence the SherryT/Khiva/Vartha striped flag fluttering over your head.

    Thanks for letting me make a copy of "The Manifesto". Re the glittery corkboard, I leave near an A.C. Moore craft store.

    Thanks for the compliment re my hedgehog author avatar. Her hat resembles one that I wear--except mine has a beaded hatband that reads "Carpe Dementem" aka "Grab the Wacko."

  9. You know, I wondered where that flag came from. I like your hat and philosophy. Shine on, both you and your hedgehog.

  10. You had me at 'I am resistance'