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Finding Beth at The Glitter Globe

The Glitter Globe S. R. Karfelt

Finding Beth is a romance novel coming out on December 20th, 2013. This is Linnette R. Mullin’s first novel and she’s been working on this story for quite some time. The road to publication is paved with waiting rooms. Because she’s sweet and trusting Linnette has agreed to answer some questions for me today.

So shine the spotlight directly on her and let the interrogation games begin! Meet my buddy, Linnette R. Mullin. We crossed paths on a blog thread, and again at a writing event, and I'm pretty sure we're destined to cross paths forevermore.

Linnette Mullin Vists The Glitter Globe

Do you suppose that the reason you used the name Beth in your novel, and the reason I used the name Beth in my novel has anything at all to do with Kiss’s song Beth? Perhaps a subliminal in vitro message long, long ago? Because I could not change my character Beth’s name, it HAD to be Beth. Did your Beth HAVE to be Beth?

Hmm... I hadn't thought of that. I couldn't change my character's name, either!!! It would have to be very subliminal as I can't for the life of me remember the song. Let me go listen. Maybe it will jar a memory. Be right back...

Tapping of keys and clicking of play button. Listening. Listening. Listening...

I'm back. Nope. Sorry! There's nothing there beyond a mild, nagging familiarity that I can't quite grasp. So, I'll stick with my original reason for calling her Beth. And, yes, I do believe this was more subliminal than an "on purpose" thing. When I became pregnant with my first baby, John and I picked out a girl name right away - Rachel Elizabeth. We never had our girl, so Beth (whose full name is Elizabeth Grace) was named after never-had-daughter. I think. Regardless, I couldn't change her name. It would be like trying to change one of my boys' names. Impossible! Christopher is Christopher. Andrew is Andrew. Matthew is Matthew. Garrison is Garrison. So, Beth is Beth. 

What kind of shoes does your Beth like to wear?

Boots. She loves boots! In the summer, its sassy sandals (preferably low heels) and keds. Pinterest pics here:

Oh my stars, I LOVE that you have posted her shoes on Pinterest!

Did I mention I love Linnette? 

In a nutshell, Linnette,  what is Finding Beth about? (Go ahead and make it a walnut, it gives you more room for words than a hazelnut.)

Walnut? Really? Yay! Okay. Here goes:

Three years ago, Beth Gallagher lost her brother, Josh, in a tragic accident. Grief-stricken and estranged from her father, she turned to the one man her brother warned her about — Kyle Heinrich.

Now she’s discovered his dark side.

She flees to the Smoky Mountains to clear her mind and seek God’s will about her impending marriage. With the help of a new friend, she finds the answers she needs, but will she have the resolve to follow through? And, if so, what will it cost her?

Adam Blythe had given up on finding a woman to love him for himself rather than his money. Committed to caring for his ailing mother and running the family business, he suddenly finds his heart entangled with a woman already spoken for. Can he find a way to protect her?

Kyle Heinrich is used to getting his way, so when his fiancée leaves town without a word, he is furious. When she returns with a new man by her side, he determines to make her his — one way or another.

How long has this story been rolling around inside your heard?

Well, I'm not sure it ever rolled around in my heard (hehe), but the story took seed about 6-7 years ago. I wrote Beth's first words in January 2008. Except for one scene. That scene has plagued me since I was a teen and we just won't go into how many years ago that was. ;) It took about 3 1/2 years to write the first draft, another 1 1/2 years to edit and rewrite and edit some more. Then, another year to go through the publishing process. Whew! What a whirlwind it has been!

Is this story out now? Or will there be more books related to this one? And will any of your female characters be named Carole? Just wonderin’….

"Finding Beth" is available for pre-order on my website and on CrossRiverMedia's website right now! It releases in bookstores this Friday (the 20th)!!! Ah! My first baby finally has a birthday - December 20, 2013! Of course, my boys contend it's baby number five. I can't imagine why. ;)

Oh! I almost forgot. Carole? No. I have no current plans to name a character Carole, though I do have family members with that name so I suppose it's possible... I'm guessing your next book has a Carole?

It sure does, and that was my subtle way of trying to lay claim to the name. Thank you for visiting The Glitter Globe today, Linnette! Good luck with the book! I'm looking forward to adding it to my shelf.

For a chance to win a FREE copy of Finding Beth, be sure to leave a comment below (with an email or a way for us to find you if you do win!). And be sure to tell me what kind of shoes you wear. Your name will go into a "hat" for a drawing. For more details, check out Linnette's website.

For more information, visit:

To purchase “Finding Beth”, go to: – Finding Beth Tab


  1. It's Saturday and sunny (not) in South Carolina! I hope you're enjoying your day.

    Special thanks for my dear friend, Stephanie Karfelt, for helping me entertain you all today. Stephanie brings out the fun in me! :D

    I'd love to chat! Leave a comment and, not only will I respond, but I'll add your name to a drawing that ends on December 20th at midnight!


  2. I'll trade you one severely snowy day here for one of those not sunny days there, Linnette!

  3. LOL! It was so funny. I was driving down the interstate today with the rain pouring while "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" played on the radio! I had to laugh!

  4. Great interview, Stephanie! And congrats, Linnette!

  5. If you'd like some snow, Linnette, I happen to know where you can find it. ;)

  6. Nice interview! I have anticipated this release for so long. Cannot wait to read it.


  7. Sounds like a book right up my ally!

  8. This made my heard hurt :)

    I love the Smoky Mountains, I love Linette, I love that cover, and now I love KISS for bringing you both Beth.

    I cannot wait for Beth.

  9. Someone has been mentally connecting for Clone Interviews.

    I wear all kinds of shoes, but I try to be less than 3 inch heels unless they are platforms. But I love boots. And every shoe.

    mmmm shoes.

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