Sunday, September 18, 2011

Show and Tell

It was time for the big reveal, that early part in a writer’s career when they have to pitch their story to agents and possibly publishers, and most certainly to other writers.  Years of writing come first.  Millions of words.  Thousands of pages.  Hundreds of characters.  Dozens of stories.  All of this from one Glitter Globe.  I’m not talking about being published, I’m talking about pitching your book.  Tell me what your book is about?  In thirty words.  *Deer in the headlights*  That is exactly how I feel when asked that question.  *Fish washed up on shore, gaping*  You’ve been writing full time for four years?  Tell me about the novels you’ve completed.  *Armadillo*  (Ever seen what an armadillo does when startled?  They launch straight up into the air, about the height of the front end of your car.  In Texas they are basically 3D hood ornaments.)

To clarify please understand I know my stories, settings and characters inside and out.  I know my stories like I’ve lived them, because basically I have.  I’ve traversed my settings and taken root in the minds of my characters.  Perhaps you saw me out shopping when I was in character?  You may have been wise to have ducked down the other aisle, depending on who I was bringing to life that day.  I have tucked entire worlds, nay, universes into a story.  It is best summed up like this.  Tell me about your life.  In thirty words.  Go.
Basically to know a story you must read it, but we all know time is precious and you must flash a bit of sparkle to catch someone’s attention.  It took me a month to come up with those thirty words.  I type about 2-4,000 words on any given day, more when The Glitter Globe demands it.  Go figure.  Thirty words about just one story took me a month to write.  I’ve been practicing that thirty word pitch out loud, telling myself, my husband, stray dogs - anyone who couldn’t dart away quick enough at Walmart.  If you’d like to be my test dummy give me a call, I’d appreciate it and I pay in chocolate. 


  1. Oooo, I like that kind of pay. Is it possible to send chocolate via mail?

  2. Absolutely Peacemaker. Screech at me on the Monkey page and listen to my spiel?