Sunday, August 28, 2011

Write On

I’ve come to the conclusion that normal is an illusion.  Perhaps the word was invented to sell an idea that doesn’t exist, to stem the messiness of individualism or simply to give order to the chaos involved in a world where all the freak flags would be flying – now that’s an unpleasant picture.  Freak flags are best flown in private, or among your very closest friends, the ones who will laugh with you and take your weird secrets to the grave.  This is all hypothetical of course, I have no weird secrets.  Not anymore anyway, I’ve come out of the closet, to borrow the phrase, and revealed the truth.  I am a writer.  Truth be told I would rather write than eat, sleep, or take a tropical vacation somewhere.  Yes.  Doubt if you must, but those who have seen this girl’s freak flag flying will back that claim up.  For what do I do when I’m on vacation?  Write.  Oh sure I’ve taken an occasional break from writing.  I went to school (someone made me) – I worked at a job that paid, I got married, and had children.  I put my heart and soul into those endeavors too (except school), but here is the ugly truth about writers – we participate in life simply to gather material.  Yep. 

You, my family, friends, neighbors (especially my neighbors) the people I meet day to day – the truth is that I take you and grind you all up into glitter and shove you right into The Glitter Globe.  Bwahahaha.  Please don’t let this upset you, it is far beyond my control – it is who I am – the way I was wired and twisted so to speak.  I am Storyteller.  My BFF, who rocks this planet btw, has always known my dirty little secret.  She covered for me when necessary over the years – giving me useful little tips on those occasions when the appearance of “normal” was absolutely mandatory – like my wedding day – or when the cops pulled us over and gave her the ticket (which I paid for because, after all, the whole thing had been my BRILLIANT idea).  Still there is no denying that there is truth in fiction – the whole world’s fodder for The Glitter Globe – and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your cooperation AND feel free to let your freak flag fly when you’re in my vicinity - just know, I'm taking notes. 


  1. Hehehehehe *flies flag* Oh wait... I'm supposed to be sort of normal on this account :P

  2. Ok, so here's the thing! You are certainly an entertaining person and I did read this entire clip, but what kind of animal is that in the picture?.....once I get distracted with things like that it's hard to get back on track. I think normal is just plain can quote me on that if you like, but what kind of animal is that????? Hahahahaha.....and that would be a belly laugh as apposed to the giggle of the previous entry, I hardly ever giggle!

  3. It is a Welsh Rarebit, and its name is Jacob. That is an actual unretouched photo. If you find yourself distracted by the illustrations in this blog, I have accomplished at least half of what I've set out to do.