Monday, August 22, 2011

All Revved Up and No Place to Go!

After attending an event for writers that was life changing, I was ecstatic with my writerliness for several high impact days.  “You Can’t Sleep, You Can’t Eat, There’s No Doubt, You’re in Deep - - -” writing mode.  I whipped out my three completed novels.   By complete I mean nowhere near on paper, but very close in The Glitter Globe (that counts, shut up). 
It is awesome and amazing to be that excited about anything, take a child on Christmas morning, true love’s kiss, insert dark chocolate, add sprinkles and whipped cream and *viola* may you all know what that feels like.  Then this whole Goldilocks and The Three Bears deal kicked in.  The first novel was too small – (no problem, I can probably add 60,000 words and flesh it out in the next week or two.  Pull up MSWord, Page One and *crickets chirping* - I do not appreciate the way that cursor is blinking at me.  Smarmy little !@#^%!)  The second novel was so, just so, room temperature…  (No problemo, chop out 15,000 words in an instant and spend three days staring expectantly at it.  Hmmm, what’s everyone doing on Facebook?)  And the third novel, the third novel is ginormous (War and Peace and a stack of encyclopedias would be lost in the shadow.  Don’t let that trouble you!  It is brilliant, surely there is some publisher, somewhere, who would be delighted to publish a nearly million word first novel!  Edit it you say?  Ha!  How do you think it got that big?!)
Photo Credit: Pika Miklitsch
Every now and then there is nothing short of a tranquilizer dart that can bring me down, except my own personal kryptonite.  And that is that lost feeling you get when you’ve written yourself through a wormhole and you have this entire universe perched on the brink of disaster and suddenly every single Being in that place and time turns and looks at you and goes, “What’s my next line?”.   Ahhh!  You’re knocked out of character completely, and thinking, “Why’re they asking me?  I was just wondering the same thing!”  Ack!   

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