Tuesday, March 31, 2015

HEARTLESS Release Day Party!

S.R. Karfelt, Author, Carole Blank,
S.R. Karfelt/The Glitter Globe

Today is Release Day for HEARTLESS A Shieldmaiden’s Voice! I’m throwing an impromptu party. We’ve got a Rafflecopter Giveaway, virtual Covenant Keeper approved cake, and one tough heroine.

And of course this is our guest of honor!

What do you think of Carole Blank now?

A new look...
A new brand...
The same awesome hero.

A Covenant Keeper Novel, Author, S.R. Karfelt
by S.R. Karfelt 

Don't you just love a party? This is the real cake for this book release...

Author, S.R. Karfelt, HEARTLESS A Shieldmaiden's Voice
Mission Accomplished!

Do you think surrounding it with fruit and veggies makes it healthier? I think so too.

Today I'll be in Book Release Party position, but not for long because the next book is due any second! Hope you all enjoy the cake, Rafflecopter, AND most especially the book. 

If you have any to spare, leave some energy in the comments! 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

New BHCAuthors Website—Connecting Readers to Authors

Blue Harvest Creative is excited to announce the next generation of independence has arrived!

The Glitter Globe, S.R. Karfelt, Author, Blue Harvest Creative

Welcome to the BHC Authors website—a place dedicated to bringing readers and authors together. If you love to read, this is the place to be. Find a new favorite genre or author. Check out new releases and titles. Or enter a giveaway or promotion.

Here’s what you’ll find when you visit BHCAuthors.com

·        Author spotlights—Get up close and personal. Enter our monthly giveaway for a chance to win autographed print titles or eBooks from featured authors.
·        Reader/ARC (advanced reader copy) Program—Love to read? Want to see new titles before they are released? Enjoy giving feedback and discovering new authors or genres? Be sure to sign up for our ARC program.

BHC Authors, Reader Program, Reader/ARC Program

·        News and events—Check our calendar often. You never know where a BHC Author will turn up!
·        Are you a reviewer, blogger, or journalist interested in review copies or scheduling an interview? Visit our media center, and we’ll be sure to get you everything you need.
·        Librarians and booksellers can also contact us at the media center. We’re here to make your job easier.
·        If you run a readers’ group, we offer book club reader’s guides for many of our titles and we’re always adding more.
·        Purchases titles and other nifty products from our Amazon affiliate store—From books to writer’s tools of the trade, and more, you’ll find it all here, right at your fingertips.
·        Meet the BHC Authors—many are multi-award winning and USA Today bestsellers—and get to know their work.

BHCAuthors, Blue Harvest Creative, Karfelt

·        Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about new titles, promotions, events, sales, and more. We hate spam as much as the next person, so we only send out about one email per month. Our intent is not to solicit services. Our newsletters only feature information about BHC Authors.

We’re just gearing up, and we’ll be adding more exciting features. Love our website? Have an idea to share or something you’d like to see featured? We’d love to hear from you, and we appreciate and value your ideas and suggestions. Please email us at:  Feedback@BHCAuthors.com

Thanks for stopping by and supporting independently published authors!

Click HERE to visit the BHC Authors website. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

HEARTLESS by S.R. Karfelt

S.R. Karfelt, Author, HEARTLESS A Shieldmaiden's Voice
HEARTLESS A Shieldmaiden's Voice/S.R. Karfelt

What do you think of Carole Blank now?

Carole Blank has been transformed...

A new look...
A new brand...
The same awesome hero.

​Reintroducing BLANK as HEARTLESS A Shieldmaiden's Voice

Some people have a hard time fitting into the world.

All of her life Carole Blank has been a little faster, a little stronger, and a little uncooperative. The voices in her head want her to follow their rules, and although they’re usually right, Carole doesn’t always listen.

From foster care to a veil hidden in the desert Carole searches for a place to belong. Her unnatural abilities and penchant for fighting are useful to the government. Unfortunately, her inability to follow orders over the demands of the voices gets her into trouble.

Enter Lieutenant Colonel Ted White, a man she is inexplicably drawn to. A man who sentences her to the life of an assassin, while denying her the only thing she’s ever wanted—him.

Follow the journey of a woman born in the wrong world, as she fights for a place to belong and sacrifices everything for those she loves.

Sometimes being heartless isn’t a choice, it’s a calling.

Notice how great the Covenant Keeper Novels look together? What do you think of Carole Blank now?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Soulless Avatars of Beauty

Soulless Avatars of Beauty, Beautiful People, Prejudice, Karfelt
S. R. Karfelt/The Glitter Globe

Pretty much all of my life I've dismissed beautiful men. You know that old theory that if someone is truly beautiful they're simply TOO BUSY being beautiful to have any time to devote to being interesting? That.


It's not true either. I have a DF who is drop dead gorgeous and a blast and a half. I used to tell her she must have been an ugly child and had spare time to develop a personality. She assures me she's always been killer-beautiful even in the womb as a zygote. Which just makes me LOL that much more. See what I mean though? A sense of humor is a definite sign of an interesting personality.


So my Dear Friend basically blows my theory out of the water. Yet a small part of me still believes it. But I try to temper my stereotype with a .005 second Glance of Assessment to check out the beautiful person's attitude before determining whether or not there is a likelihood of personality. If I find a personality AND beauty I am awed. If not, I drive on by.


So, yeah. We all have our prejudices. This is mine.


In my defense I'm unfailingly polite when I interact with beautiful people, even though I've likely completely dismissed them as being soulless avatars of beauty.


How does one develop this prejudice? I would argue that one pays attention. The sun rises and sets every day you start to expect stuff. It’s partly our fault. We as a species spoil beautiful people instead of treating them as equals. You know it’s true. I know a beautiful woman who vomited on a guy at a rock concert. He ASKED HER OUT. Not to discount my own Effing Swan, but I’m pretty sure I’d have gotten punched out. Let’s not talk about the time she took her car in for an oil change and they pin-striped it for free.


Human beings are drawn to beauty and to beautiful Human Beings, I’m sure it’s an evolutionary trait. Ever notice how Olympians are always beautiful? It’s a sign of good health and genes I’m sure. You glance and some part of you bellows Hey, boy! Wanna share those beautiful healthy genes? That’s how I met my husband. I went after those swimmer abs like a high-powered magnet. Nah, I’m kidding. I like smart guys. Well, smart guys with swimmer abs.


S. R. Karfelt

Do you share this prejudice? Do you ever feel guilty about it? I have to admit that when I hang with my Super-Model-Looking-Dear-Friend that the way other women treat her gets old. But what I’d really like to know is, what do you think would happen to you if you barfed on some dude at a rock concert? And have you ever known someone who could get away with it?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Life as an Effing Swan

The Glitter Globe, Karfelt, Keating, Effing Swan
S. R. Karfelt/The GlitterGlobe

The power of words does not surprise me; after all I wield them for a living. What does surprise me is how a damaging comment can cut and alter another’s psyche. It’s astonishing how we can accept someone else’s words and not only open our hearts to them, but allow those words to grow inside us and to shape our lives.
  • You’re fat.
  • You’re skinny.
  • You’re ugly.
  • You’re the funny one.
  • You’re the weird one.

We swallow words and we make them real. Some part of us knows the truth and fights against lies. We’ll struggle to become what we yearn to be deep inside. But we won’t just claim the life we want as we are now because we believe the lies. We’re not good-looking enough. We’re not smart enough. We’re not rich enough. Yet.

Once we do whatever it takes to become good-looking enough, smart enough, or wealthy enough then we can have our dream life because then we'll deserve it.


Yes. I’m calling bullshit on that.

You don’t have to change a damn thing to embrace your life and morph an Ugly Ducking attitude into an Effing Swan. How do I know this? Because I did it. I took my fat-legged, flat-bottomed, sub-par-educated-self and embraced a rock-star life.

  • I’ve enjoyed movie-star worthy kissing.
  • And rode off into the sunset.
  • Lived Happily Ever After.
  • Danced like no one was watching when they were.
  • Made huge mistakes and lived.
  • Failed and Succeeded.
  • Taken Risks.
  • Eaten cake without apology.
  • And Once Upon a Timed my Everyday.

Recently I read the post of fellow writer, Kelsey Keating, someone whose work I’ve enjoyed, and someone who is very involved in the writing world. She’s someone I’ve seen help other writers succeed, but I’ve watched her hesitate to take risks that would give her work wings. When I finally learned what’s been holding her back I also got to see her get past it, embrace her life and admit publicly that she now knows she’s an Effing Swan. Bam, Kelsey!

It made me want to shout the one thing I know to be true.

There is nothing you have to become or do before you can embrace your life and live it.

Because you too are an Effing Swan.

The Glitter Globe, S. R. Karfelt, The Grand Canyon
Do you believe me? 

Are you trapped in an Ugly Ducking place or can you embrace your Effing Swan? 

If you truly believe in your inner Swandom, will you help us reach other swans? Use the hashtag #EffingSwan on public media and help us spread the word. 

Now show me your Effing Swan, I showed you mine. Tell me a story about how you've embraced your Effing Swan?