Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Today’s Mission: Book Release Party

Chapter Six
Marshall Islands, South Pacific - March 1989

Chapter Eight
Base Camp, South Pacific - March 1989
This is the second book in the Warrior of the Ages series, and it’s also a prequel. The books can be read in any order, but its extra fun if you’ve read Warrior of the Ages because you’ll know more than the main character.
You’re all invited to join in the celebration with author S.R. Karfelt happening TODAY, May 15th. There will be prizes. Cool prizes. Lots of cool prizes.

Chapter Sixteen
Santa Fe, New Mexico - April 1990
This is a chance to play not-so-secret agent. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help spread the word about BLANK A Shieldmaiden’s Voice.

This is HQ - Head Quarters - and the Execution details and Logistics of your operation are listed below. For every step you choose to take, you will earn points (name entries) towards drawings for really awesome prizes! Notice some steps can be performed more than once, so break protocol and go crazy! DO NOT FORGET to tag S.R. Karfelt in all steps of your mission. Command needs to stay informed on your progress! (And leave some type of contact info in the comments below if you want points for that too!)

Execution: (1 point=1 name entry)
·       5 points if you order/download your copy of BLANK from and share the page on Facebook.
·       5 points if you read and review BLANK on
·       5 points if you read and review BLANK on
·       4 points if you’ll go undercover for the day! Make the cover of BLANK your profile picture on Facebook. Be sure to tag S.R. Karfelt!
·       *3 points for every promotional post on Facebook linking to BLANK on
·       *2 points for rogue efforts (what kinda grit ya got? Surprise me!)
·       *1 point per Tweet using #BLANKasv + @theglitterglobe and *1 point for comments below (5 max each)

*These steps can be completed multiple times. We won’t stop you.

Chapter Ten
Egypt - October 1988
You MUST tag S.R. Karfelt in all Facebook posts, Google+, and Tweet @TheGlitterGlobe/#BLANKasv. We cannot guarantee the success of your mission without attention to this detail. If you post a review under a name different than your own, please notify S.R. Karfelt.

Logistics:1 Point=1 Name Entry
Rewards for this mission will be randomly chosen from a drawing. The more points you acquire, the more name entries you will have. Successful agents (winners) will be announced Friday, May 16th.

Signal: Mission set to begin at 0900 hours EST and will conclude at 2400 hours EST on May 15th, 2014.

*Photos compliments of MorgueFiles/Rajeshkrishnan/Kumarn/DuBoix/Cohdra
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