Friday, August 3, 2012

Epic Slinky Dog Giveaway

Shopping is not my thing, yet a couple months ago I found myself at Toys R Us searching for an emergency unicorn. It happens. Fortunately the mission was a success and there were two to choose from. One had a defective horn and the salesperson suggested I pick the other one. Shaking my head, I explained, “I don’t like the look in his eye.”  These little details are important, who wants a unicorn giving you the stink eye?  I was leaving the store, cripple-horn unicorn in tow, when I spotted an entire aisle full of that type of candy that really isn’t edible. You know the kind I mean:  lollipops as big as your head in colors not seen in nature, gummy rats, candy buttons, rubber candy shaped like hamburgers and ponies. I pondered the sanity of consumerism run amuck. Then I saw him. Slinky Dog. Now that's just cool. I bought them all.

They were quickly adopted out. There are now Glitter Globe Slinky Dogs all over the country and abroad. Luckily a new shipment arrived this week, so I can share even more! The guy who delivered the Slinky Dogs was shaking the box. They rattle and a whole herd of them sound impressive. He was curious about the contents so I opened it and showed him, and he just shook his head. This guy has been a little bit afraid of me ever since I used him to reenact a particularly gruesome scene from one of my novels. The thing is if you interrupt my writing – even to deliver a package – you’re taking a chance.   
Now onto The Epic Slinky Dog giveaway…we can play this until I run out of Slinky Dogs!  If you haven’t already, please follow my blog (by clicking on “Join this site” or through networked blogs) and leave a comment on today’s blog – or any future blog. I’ll keep track of your comments. Then for every five new blog followers I get, I’ll share a Slinky Dog with one commenter, starting today and going until I run out of Slinky Dogs. There’s an entire nest of them next to me, so this could take awhile. Uh-oh. You know what I just noticed?  Every one of them is giving me the stink eye!

*Thanks to Girard for the awesome picture!
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