Thursday, October 19, 2017

Devils Dance in the Woods

Devils dance in the woods
But I camp in the desert
With water.

Monsters strode from the closet
But I dreamed them away
With books.

Demons stole the food
I showed them my claws
And made them cook.

Evil lurked in the lake
While I stood on the shore
Averting my eyes.

Love ran away
So I sent it a love note
In a bottle.

Happiness drowned in quicksand
But I hid a piece
In ice-cream.

Lions ate the bones of friends
I write about before
Those teeth took.

Hell burned in far off places
Yet I had glitter
And stickers.

Robbers took the money
But I have
A gold card.

Death torched the fields
Missing my pot
Of daisies.

Pestilence bit little children
I hid mine among
The bluebonnets.

Hope went extinct from global warming
Except in my museum.
It's air-conditioned.

The sun went supernova
I picked a star
We danced.

All politicians were abducted by aliens
I appointed my dog
King of the world.

Music got wiped by an EMP
Now my ipod is 
The world's DJ.
(I hope you like Queen.)

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