Monday, May 15, 2017

Another Little Piece of My Heart—Sharing Stories with the World

The Glitter Globe/S.R. Karfelt

NOBODY TOLD ME love in the time of dementia has been magicked into a book. 

That was easy enough. I'm laughing as I say that, and lying too. After the interior people and I went through seven versions of it, I looked back into my files to see how many versions I'd worked on. There were eighteen before I sent it to the story editor. That feels a bit shameful. It's because the idea for this book came from a series of social media posts that were eventually edited out of the book.

After those versions, the book went for story edits. That meant another ten versions of the story. My editor for this book is my daughter. Yes, she edits professionally. The two of us working on a book together, a book near and dear to both of our hearts, was quite an adventure. There were flaming emails, texts, and editorial comments in all versions. There were also tears. 

In the middle of writing this book about dementia, we were living it heart to heart. Me with my mother-in-law, and my editor-daughter with her grandmother. It wasn't the easiest project to tackle, but after nine months I think we've created something special.

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The Glitter Globe/S.R. Karfelt

You'll see the blurb for NOBODY TOLD ME telling you what the book is about. What my editor and I both know is this: NOBODY TOLD ME is about is love, life, laughter, and loss. It's indicative that it took nine months to create. In the end it came into fruition from sheer determination and plenty of grace. 

I can't think when I've worked harder on a book. When I at last approved the final interior, I hopped into my Jeep and went for a freedom ride. It involved a new outfit for Gummy, one of those Starbuck's dessert-in-a-cup drinks, and a giant new pocketbook. After spending the past nine months cramming my things in and out of a small purse, I decided to take up the necessary space in the world. Maybe that's indicative too.

On release day for NOBODY TOLD ME, I'm planning a quiet little luncheon for the main characters. That would be Gummy and me, and possibly some side characters if I can manage to have actual food at this luncheon. Too much activity overwhelms Gummy now. We'll celebrate the birth of my first Non-Fiction book with no fanfare. I'll put a copy of it in Gummy's hands and tell her, "This is the book about us that I've been telling you so much about!" She will smile and say, "WHAT? NOBODY TOLD ME!"

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