Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why Hello You Tall Cool Drink of Water—A Nomination You Want to Kiss on the Mouth

An Actual Photo of Me Kissing My RONE Award Nomination CATEGORY: FICTION/PARANORMAL

One of my books has been nominated for a 2017 RONE award.

I just can't even. It's such a thrill when someone notices all the work you put into a book. Night writes. Six months of hard time. EDITS. SO MANY EDITS.

After all the work that goes into a book, in the end you dress it up with a pretty cover, pack it a lunch, kiss it goodbye, and send it out into the void.

     "I love you!" you say as it hurries away.

     It doesn't even wave farewell.

You wait. But it doesn't write. It doesn't call. It's gone. Forever.

For a while life feels so empty.

Eventually you head back to the writing world, chop another bit of your heart out, and do it all over again. But you never forget the bits of yourself you've sent into the world. You always wonder about them.

     How's it doing?
     I hope it's okay.
     I've heard nothing bad, so probably it's okay.

Then one day your publisher sends you an email with news!

WHAT?! *you hyperventilate into a paperbag* BITCH WITCH! It's so good to see you again!

You beautiful cranky witch you! I've missed you! I think about you all the time! Look at you!

Here she is, my Bitch Witch, nominated for a RONE AWARD. She's in the Paranormal (Long) Category. This part of the contest needs votes from you.

If you enjoyed Sarah Archer. If you like to read stories about darkness and light, head over HERE and GIVE HER A VOTE!

You'll need to register at the site. That's how they make sure everyone only votes once.

Give her a hug, maybe a smooch if you're so inclined, or a VOTE!

There's no better way to reassure a writerly heart.

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