Friday, September 11, 2015

Thieves in Plain Sight—I'll Take What are Writers, Alex, for $200

Slam Poetry, S.R. Karfelt, Author
S.R. Karfelt/The Glitter Globe

Did you feel me pickpocket your smile?
Your clever words?
Your funky style?

Did you know I used the glue of your nasty?
Your ugly expression?
Your loud indiscretion?

And highlighted in yellow your parking lot hatred,
Your mean expectations,
Your foul exclamations.

Like Frankenstein’s monster sewn up with your ugly,
Displaying your mugly,
And rolled through some fugly,

To ooze across paper, breathing your strife,
Digitally wrapped in karma,
You won’t recognize this life.

Dr. Jekyll,
Mrs. Bennett,
The Artful Dodger.

All blind to the heckle,
A real life tenant, looked into the mirror,
And saw Mr. Rogers.

It won’t hurt a bit, you won’t feel a thing.
If you’re into immorality,
I’m gonna make you sing.