Thursday, August 20, 2015


There are different types of vacation. Your introvert/extrovert status might determine what type is right for you.
  1. Visit-cation: This is when you're going to visit family/friends. Maybe it's fun, but how often is it relaxing?
  2. Disney-cation: Fun for some, but who's relaxed? Possibly all those extroverts darting around. I didn't find being stuck behind the Light Parade as traumatic as my little ones. I wanna go hoooome! I hate Disneyland! but I will say I found Disney way more fun when my kids were much older and I could be the person whining behind the Light Parade. My feet hurt! Can we go nowwww?
  3. Fishing-cation: There are surely variations of this vacation. Golfing. Sporting Events. Car Shows. I'm sticking to fishing because it's one I'm familiar with. This is likely great if you like fishing (or whatever). If you're being dragged by a spouse and planning to spend the entire time holed up with your laptop being run on a generator so you can write your novel, just STFU because you're still going on vacation. Yay.
  4. Beach-cation: Really? Become one with the sand, sizzle in the sun, float around the jelly-fish. This one is intermittent bouts of joy interspersed with occasional pain. But isn't that any vacation?
  5. Vegas-cation: This will require all of the money. ALL OF IT. I like Vegas, I don't gamble, but I like the shows, the pools, the sunshine, and the ridiculous Hunger Games Capitol-Opulence of it. 
  6. Mission-cation: The. Best. If you're really fortunate your mission trip will take you to a tropical island. No matter where it takes you, you won't come back feeling wretched about leaving all your $ someplace undeserving, and you'll have a better view of the world we live in.
  7. Retreat-cation: Another best. My favorites have been monasteries. You can stay at many monasteries on the cheap. If you're an introvert, check these puppies out. 
  8. Camping-cation: How organized are you? Camping wrecks me when I get to that part where I have to plan and pack everything for meals. Just. No.
  9. Tourist-cation: You're going someplace amazing and playing tourist. This could be anything from a National Park to Portugal. Tourist-cations are a blast, just pack extra patience and roll with it. If you're Tourist-cationing with someone who can't roll with it or has a shortage of patience, good luck with that.
  10. Cruise-cation: Even though I've never gone (Dear Hubby is only interested if everyone is going to be fishing off the ship) I've watched enough people float back from them to know I shouldn't leave this off my vacation list.
  11. Zero-$-cation: This is also known as "I'm paying off my student loans"/"I hate people who can go on vacation" not going on vacation. Everyone has a decade or two of this type of vacation-less existence. It's still a good idea to escape the every day. I recommend a friend's couch (good time for a Visit-cation) or five days with Netflix and a pile of library books, but I'm an introvert.

What other types of vacation did I leave out? I'm sure there are more, but I'm going on vacation so I'm done here. 


  1. Tournament-cation. Yeah, these are sooo great. Pack, travel, hotel, sit in the stands in the sun, rain, wind, loud gym, etc., eat junk food, sit some more, eat more junk food, sleep in a hotel bed and share the bathroom with too many people, drive back to the recreation area, sit, eat junk food, sit, re-pack, drive home, sleep a little, go to work.

  2. I love tourist vacations because I get to enjoy something new and exciting. No 2 reason why I joined the Navy and not the Air Force.

  3. Adding that to my list Jeff! And Lady Draon is onto something...