Sunday, February 1, 2015

You Can Be Whatever You Want, As Long as You Look Good Doing It.

Fact is Dolly Parton had it right in Steel Magnolias.

With the help of a lot of four and six letter words Jenna Marbles offers us a tutorial to help out. I don't know about you, but after all that effort I wanna cuss too. Guy Tip: This is why acknowledgement of our effort is kinda mandatory. If I've tricked you into thinking I'm good-looking, I expect at least a high-five.

Of course we’re not allowed to put too much effort into looking good either. Effortless beauty is the goal. But who appreciates an effortless beauty?

Case in point, and does anything underscore the importance of how you look better than the obituary of The Thorn Bird’s Author Colleen McCullough?

The Australian's Colleen McCullough Obituary

Please keep in mind that being a novelist, a neurophysiologist, a best-selling author whose books were made into a wildly successful television series, AND being 77 does not exempt you from the societal expectation to look good while you do all that other stuff. 

The obituary sparked an outcry on Twitter, resulting in some amusing tweets under #MyOzObituary. Of course I had to play too.

Possibly it’s hardwired into us all to appreciate beauty and surely that’s not a bad thing. It just comes in many forms, and if you can only see one kind you miss out on so much. Once I read that a person of average intelligence was capable of any career if they had enough tenacity and drive. I would like to submit that a woman, plain of feature, and certainly overweight can also have a wonderful life. What they write in her obituary after that wouldn’t matter a diddly damn, don’t you think?
Author, S. R. Karfelt, The Glitter Globe
S. R. Karfelt

What’d you think of that obituary? I’d haunt that writer. Like follow him around singing Sesame Street songs or something. How do you feel about the pressure to look good? Think you’ll be able to maintain it for the obituary photos? 


  1. I have a few choice Jenna Marbles words for them. #myozobituary..."she wasn't anything special to look at, but apprently she was funny."

  2. She didn't wax her stache though...

  3. The Glitter Globe got a face lift, I see. :)

    What a weird weird world we waft through. I don't have a competitive bone in my body, but competing on such a superficial level will never be my goal. You know? I think I want my epitaph to be something like "This grave is empty, look elsewhere for evidence of her life." Hopefully, I will leave enough evidence with words imprinted on the hearts of many.

  4. I agree with LaDonna. What a weird world this is. But your ozobituaries were awesome!

    That video? I couldn't stop laughing, and then alternately staring in confusion!

  5. LaDonna - I love the epitaph. Although I'm leaning towards something more like, "This grave is empty, look behind you." LOL

    We did do some remodeling here at The Glitter Globe. Does it look younger? ;)

  6. Hey Katie! Glad you liked my ozobituaries. Sometimes I really make myself laugh. O.o

    And I probably shouldn't admit how much I enjoy Jenna Marble's videos, and I extra shouldn't admit that I totally get her. o.O But I'm glad I made you laugh.