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Of Moonbeams and Fairies Collected Tales

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Of Moonbeams and Fairies by Rebecka Vigus

Isn’t this cover delicious? This is a fairytale book by award winning author Rebecka Vigus. This book was love at first sight for me, and I stalked Rebecka via social media to ask her a couple questions for a Glitterview. She was kind enough to put up with agree to play.

Welcome, Rebecka! May the odds be ever in your favor! Let the glittery inquisition commence!

Magical stuff delights me. As a child I read the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales and found them rather grim. Does your book turn any mermaids to foam or in any way abuse mythical creatures like the Brother’s Grimm does? No mermaids, sorry. Nothing on the Brothers Grimm style.

What age group would you say this book is ideal for? The book is a good read for ages 8 and up. It would have to be read to younger children.

I ordered a copy of this as a gift for my niece for Christmas (if you’re reading this Emmy, I mean my other niece—and if my other niece is reading this, it’s for a secret niece you two don’t know about). Rebecka, would you consider crossed fingers to be suitable protection against lying? (Because I may have gotten some of my brothers-in-law into serious trouble with this one.) There is no reason it couldn't be. No, crossing your fingers won't save you from a lie. You will eventually be found out.

Since you wrote a book about fairies, I’m going to assume that you’re somewhat of an expert, and as I’ve worried about this since I was a kid—what happens to fairies in the winter? Do they go south for the season? Fairies do not migrate. It is my understanding they do remain mostly their tree homes during winter. They have suffered through many a gale coming off the North Sea (or in my case, off the Great Lakes).

Now for a glimpse into the magic inside those beautiful covers...Let the moon beams take you where your imagination lives, is the best one line description for this anthology of poems and short stories. In it you will meet Twitter the fairy as well as Chauncey O’Shay the leprechaun. Visit the land where unicorns roam and meet Princess Violet. There are poems about gypsies, magic, fairies, fireflies, and gnomes. You can find out about the inhabitants of a tree and the life in the blades of grass in your backyard. Magic is everywhere.

If you’d like a sneak peek inside the book, click HERE for a glimpse of the gorgeous interiors. Click here to head over to the Big A and pick up a copy. 

Award winning author of Crossing the Line, Rebecka Vigus spends her time writing, reading, crocheting, hiking, and swimming.
The Glitter Globe Blue Harvest Creative
Author Rebecka Vigus

Sanctuary the third book in her Macy McVannel series released in August. She is busy penning book four Something Borrowed, Something Blue. Book five is percolating on a back burner. In the meantime, she is stepping into a new area with her children’s book titled Of Moonbeams and Fairy Dust.

Ms. Vigus has been writing since she was in her pre-teens. Her first book was poetry, Only a Start. She later expanded it to be Only a Start and Beyond. She also wrote a self-help book for tweens and teens; So You Think You Want to be a Mommy? She followed those with four mystery novels, Secrets; Out of the Flames, Target of Vengeance, and Cold Case: Sleeping Dogs Lie. Ms. Vigus has been listed as a Michigan Author and Illustrator at the state of Michigan website.

If you'd like to get to know more about this lovely lady, check her out on-line, and don't be shy! Say hello, and ask her all your fairy tale questions should you be so inclined. You can find her in all the popular hangouts! Twitter! Facebook! and her own awesome blog! You can also e-mail her at: southern_belle2013 All of her books are available through and

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