Tuesday, November 4, 2014

SERVANT by J. S. Bailey

S. R. Karfelt The Glitter Globe
J. S. Bailey/The Glitter Globe

Today The Glitter Globe welcomes author J. S. Bailey to celebrate the release of her new book Servant, Book One in the Chronicles of Servitude. 

This is the summary from the back cover.

Bobby Roland knows things he shouldn't.

Plagued with premonitions of disaster, he fights to save others’ lives. What Bobby doesn't foresee is that rescuing a stranger from death will place him in the line of fire.

He discovers a world of evil spirits and tormented souls when he becomes entangled in a madman's plot to kill the Servant, a man chosen by God to exorcise demons from the possessed. When Bobby falls under spiritual attack following the encounter, he must choose between saving others and saving himself.

I really like the cover. This is a Horror story, but I love to walk in the woods at night--especially when the moon is full, sometimes it looks just like this cover. (I don't think walking in the woods is scary at all, by the way, but as usual I digress, back to relevant book and author information!)

You can find out more about Servant over on Goodreads.  

And you can check out Servant on Amazon

S. R. Karfelt The Glitter Globe
J. S. Bailey, Author
As a child J. S. Bailey escaped to fantastic worlds through the magic of books and began to write as soon as she could pick up a pen. She dabbled in writing science fiction until she discovered supernatural suspense novels and decided to write her own. Today her stories focus on unassuming characters who are thrown into terrifying situations which may or may not involve ghosts, demons, and evil old men. She believes that good should always triumph in the end.

Bailey is also the author of Rage's Echo, The Land Beyond the Portal, Solitude, Weary Traveler, and Vapors. She lives with her husband in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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S. R. Karfelt The Glitter Globe
Cool Giveaways for the release of Servant by J. S. Bailey


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  2. RAWR!
    I love this cover.
    I'm so psyched for this series.