Friday, October 24, 2014

Glittery Carpe Diem 101

Not all research happens in a library or on a computer. My favorite kind is hands on research, and when opportunity unfurls before me I try to run with it. Since I’m doing that today, I’ll just just show you what the last month of it looks like in pictures. 

The Name File is running dangerously low.
Where can one find a wide variety of names?

First time I've ever seen a headstone like this.
This one goes into the story fodder file.

How about a drive to another state for a l-o-n-g hike through rattlesnake country?
Snake Gaiters are a thing. Kinda hot, eh?

Fortunately I found no rattlesnakes
But I did find this!

I was hesitant to drink from it, so of course I did.

Oh, wait! Look! A Mama Bear and Three Cubs! In the middle of the forest.
With just me. This is the picture of me running away. But no snakes!

This was my Scottish themed party. Scottish fudge is called tablet.
It's rather grainy. Yes. I was doing kilt research. I. Love. My. Job.

Hands on research requires snacks.
A trip to the orchard for the apples and voila!

Trust me, you want this one small and blurry.
This Scottish themed food was scarier than the bears.
One bowl is dessert. One bowl is salmon.

A bit of glassblowing with an autumn theme, speaking of voila!
I seize this opportunity frequently!

A bouquet of four-leaf-clovers from a spot where the DEC has been working.
What could possibly go wrong?

How about some airborne research?

Wait. Gliders don't have engines?
Then how do they...

Oh! A propeller plane tows them into the sky and drops them there?
What could possibly go wrong? I'm in!*

*The video is from a previous glider ride. I didn't want to leave you hanging!

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  1. You make me wish I was doing research with you! Loved all the photos :)