Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Glitterview with Katie Cross

Katie Cross's Newest Awesome!

Katie Cross writes books about teenage witches. She moves around the country keeping her hot husband all to herself, and jogs along mountain trails with two pet pandas. I’m sure these facts are accurate because I saw it on Facebook.

Let’s just cut right to the chase from the start. What’s up with the hair, Katie Cross?
Conscious Hair
Women like us who have hair that has apparently achieved consciousness must stick together. I mean we should claim the hair as a dependent on our taxes because a large chunk of our lives are spent battling and attempting to subdue said hair. I often tell my husband that my hair is like having a Siamese twin waving a freak flag out the top of my head at all times. Please tell us about your hair, we’re here for you, and remember what is said in The Glitter Globe stays safely in the obscurity of the internet.
Katie Cross
Actual Unretouched Hair

Sigh. My hair. It’s a living entity. It really is.
It’s curly, occasionally frizzy, and generally quite large.

I wash it once a week, and that seems like a lot of work every time. In fact, I fall into a slight depression before every wash. My husband gets tired of me dragging my feet and moaning like I’m in labor. I just slap him with my split ends.

Your first book, Miss Mabel’s School for Girls, was delicious. Let’s recap for those who haven’t read it. The setting is a girl’s school for witches, with a young girl trying to lift a deadly curse from her family. She battles a hideous witch teacher who I’m pretty sure used to monitor study hall at my middle school. Did you base Miss Mabel on any real witches you’ve known?

Not real witches, but her luscious good looks are based off of a close friend of mine. She truly looks like Miss Mabel. It’s hard not to hate her when I see her and say, “You’re a monster!”

Just kidding. Mabel fell into my lap fully formed. My gestation with her was blessedly short.

What is your favorite dog name ever? I used to have a thing for Harry Barker, but that is so last decade. Now I’m leaning towards Martin Short for a small dog and Huntley Manwaring for a large one.


I believe in keeping all things at ‘glitter’. I’d even be willing to call a dog ‘Confetti’ if I was pushed to that extreme. But it all just seems so wrong.

Do you think Katniss is too obvious for a cat? And why do witches prefer cats over dogs?

I think anything above ‘spawn of Satan’ or ‘I’m-so-grumpy-even-though-I-rule-the-world’ is too obvious for a cat. I can say that because I grew up with cats. One of them
Glitter Globe Cat, Norman Bates
Cannot argue Katie's cat assessment.
was named Psycho. True story. That’s her name on the paperwork at the vet’s office.

For witches, however, it’s a matter of stealth. Dogs aren’t stealthy. Their happy personalities bounce around too much and knock potion bottles over.

When you travel do you meander or get to your target with the single mindedness of a heat seeking missile?

Meander, mostly. Drives type-A-husband CRAY-ZAY.

If you wrote a book about your dreams, what would it be called?

Epic Black Holes and All They Mean at Midnight.

What is your favorite vegetable? And if you had a magic incantation what food would you banish to the bowels of the earth?

Banishment of food? Chocolate. IT CREATES PROBLEMS FOR MY JEANS. I would miss it, but I’d move on.

Favorite veggie? Don’t make me answer that.

I love all the veggies. All things veggie. #Theyarepracticallyglitter

Okay, sweet potatoes.

If witches sold Girl Scout Cookies, what flavors would they offer?

Banana Cream Pie with Caramel Crumble in a Graham Cracker Crust with Non-Banished Chocolate Shavings.

Now what’s the low down on your new book, AntebellumAwakening? I adore the cover by the way. And tell me all about your release day extravaganza, because you about started a riot over the delightful giveaways you offered for your last book. What awesomeness can we expect this time?

The low down on Antebellum Awakening? I’ll give it to you in five words. Swords. HauntedForest. (<— see what I did there?) Dragons. Rage. ChathamCastle.

First of all, you can win an awesome t shirt.

And then you can win pillow packs of delicious caramels from the exciting new line of Miss Mabel’s Caramels brought to you by The Little Red Hen Candy Company.
And because they were a huge hit last time, you can also win hand-sewn bookmarks (thanks to my mother-in-laws prowess with the sewing machine) and skeleton keys!
Stop by or for ALL things Antebellum Awakening, and to win some awesome swag!


  1. I actually forgot how funny we are.

  2. Priceless! Yep, a glitterview is much more fun than an interview. LOL

  3. Notice how the advertisements in The Glitter Globe change to suit the post? One is for hair food (previously known as shampoo) and the other is a spell caster with 40 years experience.

    Think she could fix the hair?