Thursday, August 14, 2014

Glittercaso - Insomnia Art

Brainado. Brainados often hit at night.

On my phone. That ought to be quick. Excellent idea!

Plenty more coming tonight.

Eye Know Left. It's funny at 3:00 a.m.

One Thousand Seven Word Scene.

Good thing Dear Hubby can sleep through anything.
I'm too tired to remember about that mute button thingy.

Elf rum anapping grasses? Looks like a bestseller!
Sometimes things look different in the light, surely not this time though.

Suck it, Autocorrect.

Jurassic Snoring

Seriously? No wonder I don't sleep at night! Dream Talk is an excellent
app for snorers who don't believe they do it. I shall prove it this time!

So jealous! I want to be the annoying snorer!

My insomnia is pretty much all Neil Gaiman's fault. Afraid to sleep.
Last night I dreamed about melting Golden Retrievers. Totally his fault.

If I can't sleep, I will continue to write. Forever. There will never be any
melting dogs in my work. Ever. 

I'm in desperate need of an unmelted dog. He would need to be a
night owl. We could keep each other company.


  1. You and your lack of sleep really get me every time.

  2. 3:00 a.m. is chock full of brilliant ideas.