Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Secret Hideaways For Introverts


Someone asked me recently what I was hiding from when I sneaked off to a secret hideaway. The answer is mostly my to-do list. That list just gets longer and longer: books to write, research to do, places to go, promises to keep, miles to go before I sleep, and, ugh, paperwork to complete. Escaping to secret hiding places is an excellent way to recharge for introverts.

Yes. I’m an introvert, and in case you think that means anti-social, puh-leeze, girlfriend/guyfriend—think again by going to this link! 

Usually I don’t like to share my secret hiding places, they’re secret! Go find your own! But on second thought, maybe you’re an introvert who needs one, so here are some ideas if you’re desperate for a place to hide and recharge in.

  • Museums. You’re looking for an obscure bench in front of an exhibit that’s been on display a long time. It’s there just for you.
  • Cities are excellent places to hide. If you paint yourself flame orange and dance on the street corner in New York City, you’re still hardly visible. A corner stool in a café, a backseat in a bus/subway, or a park bench really work. If it looks like you’re going to be interrupted in your public solitude, I recommend chatting to yourself, it works every time.
  • Churches during off hours rock it. They’re cool, dim, and quiet. When I’m traveling, I always search them out for quiet time.
  • If you’re traveling, closing your eyes is the equivalent of hanging out a Do Not Disturb Sign. If you’re in a hotel room with the actual sign, you’re golden. If you’re driving alone, you’re covered. If you’re driving with passengers, offer to be the driver because the driver gets to rule the music—put on your tunes and effectively tune out all of those extroverts. If you’re a passenger, bring ear buds and plug them into your phone whether you listen to music or not, then employ the closed eyes thing.
  • This recommendation is a bit awkward, but it works in a pinch. Bathrooms. If you’re lucky enough to be female it isn’t even nasty—usually.
  • Cemeteries.
  • Monasteries. They exist. Google it. You can go there, and some of them will even give you a bed and a meal. I’m not kidding.
  • Historical sites.
  • Woods.
  • Go places that are really difficult to get to if you really need a long break.
    • The bottom of the Grand Canyon.
    • Backpack to far far away.
    • Anywhere with no electricity/cell phone coverage. They’re actually not hard to find.

Is that any help at all? If you’d like to share some secret hiding place ideas, please do because I’d enjoy investigating fresh possibilities. Do you need alone time? It might
take me awhile to respond from my own secret hiding place, but I surely will as soon as I finish recharging. I’d tell you where my latest spot is, but you can’t get here from there anyway. It involves a portage, a long journey, hiking, boat rides, and possibly an airdrop to really get to some excellent hiding spots. 


  1. My husband is an introvert to the core. He finds refuge in his own brain somehow. Actually, I kind of understand it.

    Only I call it 'books'.

  2. Hah! Books are my social life...