Monday, April 28, 2014

BLANK - A Shieldmaiden's Voice - Available May 15, 2014!

Some people have a hard time fitting into the world.

All of her life Carole Blank has been a little faster, a little stronger, and a little uncooperative. The voices in her head want her to follow their rules, and although they’re usually right, Carole doesn’t always listen.

As a Marine, Carole’s unnatural abilities and penchant for fighting are useful. Unfortunately, her inability to follow orders over the demands of the voices gets her into trouble.

Enter Lieutenant Colonel Ted White, a man she is inexplicably drawn to. A man who sentences her to the life of an assassin while denying her the only thing she’s ever wanted—him.

Follow the journey of a woman born in the wrong world, as she fights for a place to belong and sacrifices everything for those she loves.

BLANK is a prequel and Book Two in the Warrior of the Ages series.

by S. R. Karfelt

There will be an on-line release party with excellent and awesome giveaways. You can
S. R. Karfelt/Nicole Mason Photography
participate right here on release day. I’m looking forward to you meeting Carole Blank. She’s a little amazing, a little scary, and not a little unique. Her story is both heart-breaking and an affirmation to the will of the human spirit.

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