Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Things I Like About Winter

Photo Credit: Vilhelm

10.  I like naked trees. There I’ve said it.

 9.  When a storm hits no one can get up or down my driveway, so I have a legitimate excuse to write obsessively, and not leave my house.

 8.  My landscaping looks like everyone else’s. You’d never know I don’t landscape or weed.

 7.  The grass doesn’t need mowed.

 6.  At night all that snow is a giant reflector for the moon. That means it lights up the inside of the house—unless the moon is dark—and clumsy people don’t walk into stuff as much.

 5.  During sunny days all that snow is a giant reflector for the sun, and there is something very uplifting when the entire landscape is dazzling, and blindingly bright.

 4.  When I look outside I can tell by the footprints what types of animals skulk around my house. Are snow snakes a thing? Because I think they lurk outside my office window.

 3.  I like when the snowplow plows up the end of my driveway really high, because I drive a Jeep, and I like to play car commercial. If I’m ever found embedded in a snow bank at the end of my driveway, you’ll know I failed to bust out.

 2.  Every time there is a warm up you get to watch the snow die slowly. I really like watching it liquefy. It brings out the killer in me.

 1.  My top favorite thing about winter, hands-down, is when I live someplace where it doesn’t visit, and I only see it on holiday cards once a year.

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