Sunday, December 29, 2013

Up my Alley – International CES 2014

Photo Credit: Chelle/Morgue Files

Do you suppose I’m the only fiction writer manning a booth at an electronics show? This is the place where people from all over the world come to network about the most cutting edge consumer electronic technology. Last year there were dancing robots, brainwave reading headbands, and nano technology that could waterproof your gadgets.

A fiction writer’s draw to the event is fairly obvious. How many times have dancing robots hatched a secret plot to take over the world? The brainwave reading headbands are an Orwellian delight. Waterproof electronics, well that’s just cool. Who doesn’t want to take their Kindle in the hot tub?

Can hardly wait to see what fodder other imaginations are providing mine this year.

Why, you may be wondering, does anyone want to take a fiction writer to that annual mega tradeshow that swallows the entire Las Vegas convention center, its parking lot, and many of its larger hotels? What can I offer the high-tech world of logic?

  1.  I’m cheap. 
  2. The marketing world is already run by fiction writers. (Am I wrong?)
  3. Oddly enough this is a world I’ve spent quite a bit of time in.
  4. I speak geek.
  5. So see me for all your engiNERDing needs. I’ll hook you up with Dilbert.

Sadly I will not be signing my Action Adventure Fantasy books at the show. Yeah, the boss nixed that. Spock Techies can be such a joy killer. Muttered something about actually working for a living, I didn’t catch the whole thing, my Vulcan is pretty rusty. 


  1. I don't understand why you can't sign any of the books at the show? And who's "the boss"?

    It's my understanding that you rule the world.

  2. Separation of church and state kind of deal, Katie.

    The Boss, you've probably seen him if you've ever played Super Mario. Hee, I'm kinda lucky he doesn't read my blog, hmmm?

    Um, just to be safe though, he's also incredibly smart and kinda hot. That's why I married him.

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