Friday, October 11, 2013

It’s Fun Being a Grown-Up

  • This week’s healthy eating menu is garlic roasted broccoli and caramel apples. Every day. My choice, my budget, #LifeisGood 
  • The new blue jeans budget morphed into the triple wick candle/clearance sale flip-flops haul, and I won’t even yell at or berate myself for it. #ExcellentChoice #OldJeansAreBetterAnyway 
  • Instead of packing for my trip or churning out a few thousand words, I got dressed up, put in my contact lenses, and spent six hours lying on the floor watching old movies on my laptop today. 
  • Didn’t answer the phone either. I’m busy. 
  • What’s that sucking sound? My math ability. It sounds like a hungry drain. Being a grown-up has not corrected my math deficit. On the bright side this means time – which is definitely math-related — has no power over me. Like a color blind dog I can race forward completely unaware what that flashing red light means. I can dart through passing years vaguely amused by passing fashion and philosophy. This means my blue jeans from 1989 are still too cool.
  • Honestly I feel stronger than I was a decade ago, faster. Of course I’ve never remembered where the heck I put stuff, have always had eyesight borderline white cane, and been unsure enough on my feet that one good sneeze could make me topple over. Is that what people meant when they said I was an old soul? 
  • Dance like no one is watching? Forget that. Watch me dance. You should put these moves on YouTube. I call this one the “Bite Me”. My kids call it the “Kill Me”.
  • Bed time? That would involve math now wouldn’t it? I employ the toddler philosophy of go-go-go-drop-nap. 

Author: S. R. Karfelt
Are you enjoying your life as a grown-up? Since you’re in charge of it, I hope you manage to steal some moments to just bask in it. You can shove quarters into the gumball machine now, if you want, and rot your teeth out chewing it for a minute. No one will ever know. Not even if you blow a bubble so big it pops and gets all in your hair. It’s your life. Claim it. If only for a second. Are you with me grown-up?


  1. I often get sucked into old movies and forget my life. The dogs are only taken care of because they'll walk on top of my to get my attention.

    Husband won't, so unfortunately, he is forgotten every now and then ;)

    I love this post. A lot. I can't tell you how much I love this post.

  2. Being a grown up means watching cartoons while pretending to fold laundry and reading in the tub till the water gets cold. It also means being too lazy to log in, so you'll just have to guess. :P