Monday, September 2, 2013

A Real Wish List

  • A hover suitcase
  • Stargate/Portal/Tesseract  (Don’t really care how we do it, just wanna bypass the Philly airport.)
  • The Jane Jetson Hair-Do System
  • Camera with auto built-in photo shop
  • The Hermione Granger Handbag
  • Nike Air Comfort Stilettos
  • The black hole trash can (“Never have to empty another one!”)
  • The Food Replicator (Yes, it’s always on my list.)
  • Liberated Enthusiastic House Elf (Ditto)
  • A home use weather control system (Mounts on roof, lot size up to ¾ acre)
  • Snow resistant driveway (No idea how it works either, I’m the idea guy.)
  • Amusement park type public transportation (buses/coasters, elevator/parachute)
  • Anti-Gravity Mondays

S. R. Karfelt
Nicole Mason Photography
   My name is S. R. Karfelt and when I'm not dreaming up ideas for
   someone else to invent I write Action Adventure with a twist. My new
   novel is now available, and instead of playing with my blog I ought to be
   editing the second one. If you have any brilliant ideas to add to the wish
   list, I'd love to hear them. 

   What should somebody else invent for you?


  1. I'd like to add 'slippery calorie ice cream' to the list, so when I eat ice cream, the calories slip away instead of hanging around.

  2. That is an EXCELLENT idea! And how about some ANTI-CALORIE chocolate? I love it! Don't eat too many negative calories, unless you had Mexican food for lunch!

  3. I would like a ridiculously-ultra-soft-never-want-to-take-off pair of Holograph shoes. Wear the same shoes every day, but change the holograph so they look different.
    Owning one million pairs of shoes in one simple comfy pair.

    And then I'd want an outfit that does the same.
    With a built in ATM (connected to an endless suply of money) in the pocket. Always pull out exactly what you need.

  4. ROFLOL Kelsey.

    I could settle for a self-balancing checkbook.

  5. They actually have driveways with a built in heater system to melt ice/snow.
    Not that anyone we know could afford one.

  6. Heretic - They do! I actually know of someone who had priced it. Since I live in a wind tunnel, it would need to be pretty much 150 degrees emanating fifteen feet into the air to be much good. My drive blows shut in twenty minutes on snowy days.
    Why, oh why, did I move to Iceland? I can't remember. I think my memory is frozen shut.