Saturday, July 27, 2013


Photo Credit: Stephanie Karfelt

Inexpensive ways to entertain other people’s kids.

·         Music. Loud. Free. This covers a multitude of sins. Are those kids arguing in your car? Louder.
·         Carwash. Camera. Really.

·         Public Fountain + Swim Suits + Not a Town I Live In = Cool Aunt Points

·         Big kid in shopping cart. (Use the math/logic side of your brain here. Not too big! Though I’ve seen college kids in there. We don’t want anyone to tip out.) This serves the dual purpose of entertaining and corralling.
·         Truth or Dare outside. You’ll want a place where you can send them cartwheeling over several acres. Make sure you always pick truth when it is your turn! ALWAYS. You’ll just have to spill the beans on the kid’s parents’ secrets (you know you want to anyway). The kid will always take the dare. This game ensues they will be tired and sleep nights. “I dare you to hop on one leg, while barking, to the swings and back.” Trust me and report back.
·         When entering any store, arm the kids with a pad and pencil to make you Birthday/Christmas lists. This way they don’t ask for a single thing today, and you can run your errands.
·         Alternate who gets to be boss each day. The boss gets to plan the day. Oh. Caveat. Boss has to pay.
·         Purchase an assortment of foreign sodas for a taste test. Japanese won hands down btw.
·         Ice-cream with sprinkles. Every. Single. Day.

·         Eat everything with chopsticks. Just not the ice-cream if it is eaten inside your car.
·         Alien invasion. This game involves foil hats and kids hiding while you read hunt for them in the manner of your favorite invading alien.

My name is S. R. Karfelt and when I'm not entertaining other people's kids (and sometimes while) I'm writing. My first novel, Warrior of the Ages, will be out on August 15, 2013. Check it out on Facebook or check availability on the website. There are no invading aliens in the novel, but there is one amazing immortal warrior and a host of characters I think you'll enjoy spending time with. 

Sadly there are no sprinkle cones, maybe the next book!

Want to add anything to my list of entertaining other people’s kids?


  1. Christmas/Birthday list! Genius!

  2. Corning fountain: Excellent. And Peaches & Cream? Quality friend ~ you can entertain me when i visit!