Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pajama Party

Tonight I threw an impromptu pajama party all by my onesie. Everyone is gone, and since I recently returned from another time zone – and I’m currently still enjoying that time zone – I decided to just stay up and have some fun. The following is my pajama party for one list:
  • Put on a movie. Normally I watch movie trailers for an hour, lose interest and go do something else. Tonight I stuck with it and watched Cold Mountain. Next time I will stick with the movie trailers.
  • While watching the movie, read a book on your kindle, and google things on your phone, like did they really use botox during the civil war?
  • If you have recovered from waxing off half an eyebrow a couple months ago, drag out the hot wax at 2:00 a.m. and have another go. Curiously pile a ton of it on your leg. To save time cover a 4”x10” section of leg. Now you’ve done it, you’re committed and you have to pull that off. Be thankful your neighbors can’t hear your screams.
  • Since that went so well, try it on a section of arm.
  • Now scrub the tub, because a bath would be super nice. Note how your leg still has residual wax on it? It is stuck to the bathroom rug.
  • Wash the bathroom rug, and while you’re at it, wash them all.
  • Hunt for Neosporin for your arm, because the wax took some skin.
  • Don’t get freaked when you hear mice in the attic. You are a 21st Century woman, take care of it. Since you’re into sticky messes tonight, use those inhumane sticky mouse traps that always make you cry when they work.
  • Make pancakes. It will be breakfast in a few hours anyway. Wait. Wash the stove off first. Sheesh! Whose job is this? They need to get on it.
  • Lose interest in pancakes. How about zucchini bread? From scratch…right, settle for a popsicle.
  • Text BFF, “Waxed my arm, it’s bleeding.”
  • Give yourself a mango facial. Now try to find your glasses. Your brain went to bed five hours ago.
  • Put on your pajamas and go to bed. Call people who live in other time zones. They’re all in bed.
  • Blog about it so they can see all the fun they missed.


  1. ROFL!! I am weirded out by the waxing process. That is better than getting the hairs plucked out one by one. Why not just find a lover who knows how to stroke hair really lightly when you want it?

    Sorry, I am genuinely curious, though. I could work the answer into my WIP!

    p. s. Slinky Dog is still at my workstation.

  2. Someone just sent me a picture of Epic Slinky Dog in Israel. That fella gets around.
    I asked Dear Hubby about the hair-stroking lover, and he said 'good luck with that, Yeti' - not really. He would never say that, I'm not that tall.
    Waxing is faster than plucking a uni-brow. Hypothetically. Not that I have one, cause I don't, but I wax...anyway it is faster, if you don't start messing with your legs. Also not counting the time it takes to scrub dried wax off the sink. Make sure you put that in your WIP - cleaning it off the sink. Oh, and if you do it wrong it looks like you've been dragged behind a horse for a few miles. It would make an excellent scene if the romantic interest shows up right afterwards, and asks what happened to her. I'd like to hear what she comes up with.
    There's a reason to wax in the middle of the night. No witnesses. Unless you blog about it.