Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dirty Little Secrets

·         Insomnia can be fun if you’re a reader. Sometimes I fake it.
·         Even though we broke up, occasionally I cheat and eat chocolate anyway. Usually after a day of organic salads and oatmeal. You have to want to change your behavior they say.
·         I pray on the toilet an awful lot.
·         Now and then I watch Jenna Marbles videos on YouTube for hours. I think she is hysterical.
·         I count weddings and funerals as church attendance.
·         I never NEVER answer the telephone. If I wanted to talk to someone, I’d call them.
·         You know those security questions you get for on-line accounts? I refuse to give real information. I make up stuff that amuses me. Different stuff for every account. I hate when they won’t let you put in 1887 for the year you were born.
·         I don’t take medicine*. Well, I take it from the Doctor, but I don’t actually take it. This is because in the past I’ve never had a medication that actually made anything better. If I’m very, very lucky, this will be the case my entire life. *Antibiotics are an exception.
·         Everything inside the maul is a writing prompt, it is freaking exhausting.
·         Sometimes it is necessary to dig another suitcase out of the attic when going on a trip, because I haven’t unpacked from last time…or the time before that one either. This is the first time I’ve had to buy a new one though. I’m running out of clothes.
·         Matching socks is anal behavior, in my opinion.
·         I have this theory about why guys are stronger than women. It’s so not politically correct. Suffice to say if they weren’t they’d be extinct by now. Maybe it’s just me though. It is fishing season you know.
·         Though I’m totally a bleeding heart about animals, I can turn on a dime if there is a mouse in the attic, or a snake in the living room. I can flip from PETA candidate to NRA Camo-Chick faster than you can say, “There’s a bear by the back door.”
·         I always carry an Epic Slinky Dog in my purse. This is handy for photo ops, and may or may not explain why your toddler keeps trying to climb over the pew in church.

Photo Credit: Suzy Young (Who also apparently carries Slinky with her.)

Once again it is confession time in The Glitter Globe. If your Dirty Little Secret is epic, I’ll send you an Epic Slinky Dog. Be sure to officially follow my blog, and leave contact information in your comment!


  1. I've been known to fabricate things just to get a reaction. I call it research. I often practice killing people on the Sims games to see how it might play out in a novel-- there's a mod for that, did you know? I secretly laugh at people that order a diet cola with their super-sized fast-food fat-fest meal. Then I go home and eat a quart of rocky road... because I had Slimfast for lunch and that makes it okay. Most of my fiction is true, but don't tell anyone. I'm a meddler. Mostly because I think I can either fix things or use the disastrous outcome as a plot twist. I could go on but I've said more than enough. Oh, but I am guilty of some of the ones you mentioned as well. Good company. ;)

  2. DM - I luv when you come to the party. Check out this video about junk food confessions, because it pretty much covers it.
    Dang, it didn't link, but I'm sure you can figure it out.

  3. I'll keep you my dirty little secret.
    Who has to know?

    I tell that to my third doughnut every Wednesday. I only get doughnuts on Wednesday.

    I spent way too much time watching Jenna Marbles videos work...while eating my doughnuts(thank you so much)

    When I was young, all of my novel characters (failures and successes) were entirely based off real people. I knew it had to change when I killed one of them several times because she stopped being my friend.

    I am a Star Wars Nerd.
    I like Star Trek too.

    Of all my friends, 1/3 are real, 1/3 are imaginary, and the other 1/3 I've only ever met once in real life...if that.

    I say I'm going to workout every day. About 1 in 30 does that actually happen.

  4. "I don't have any." She said smacking the chocolate ice cream from her lips.

    LaDonna, the Queen of Denial