Wednesday, March 27, 2013


California Spring

Signs of Spring for the Desperate

Just returned from a trip to California where spring is firmly in swing. The tourists are the nabobs at Disneyland taking pictures of all the blossoming trees and blooming plants. Ah well, it’s that or pictures of my friends while we stand in line for forty-five minutes waiting to ride The Tower of Terror again. In homage to what I hope is the inevitable arrival of spring here in “Iceland” (don’t really live in Iceland, but I have a stalker and the Iceland thing actually works) So here we go with pathetic, yet visible, signs of impending spring.
·         Bird doo on the driver’s window. Yay!
·         The first time snow turns to rain, and the driveway is covered with worms.
·         Groundhogs appear from their burrows flush along the highway. Mostly you see them post mortem, but sometimes you see them churn across the road in front of you. Those suckers have extra joints in their spines, don’t they?
·         There are little containers of wax worms on top the refrigerator in the garage. You might miss this sign if your husband doesn’t fish. Lucky duck.
·         There are containers of orange fish eggs inside the refrigerator. More fishing bait. Gross.
·         The inevitable bird’s nests surrounding the front door. It’s sweet to hear all that expectant chirping out there. Did you know that baby birds get potty trained to “go” outside the nest? It’s not so sweet then.
·         The pajama people at Walmart are wearing flip-flops instead of slippers.
·         Easter candy hops into your cart.
·         You put the beautiful pot of purple Easter hyacinths inside the garage so that you can breathe.
·         You purchase Zyrtec and Kleenex in bulk, because even though there is no sign of green, your sinuses have announced the arrival of another allergy season.
·         Zipping down the highway you smell skunk, and get all hopeful and nostalgic.
·         On principle you leave your winter coat at home and opt for running and freezing. It is spring. It is spring. It is spring.
·         You try on shorts at the mall, cry a little, come home and make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and hope warmer weather takes its sweet time.
The sun is always shining somewhere
Are you keeping an eye out for signs of spring? Can you add to my list? What constitutes a sign of spring in your neck of the woods?


  1. In a second attempt at posting.. Thanks to Google Crome on my phone, forgive typos in advance I tend to care less on annoyed repeated attempts of things. Signs of spring in this area:Screaming kids at the mall as parents force them onto a strangers lap dressed in a rabbit outfit, (where is Elmer Fudd when you need him), Shamrock shakes, if you take a short drive to Montour you can see the glorious falls as it spews gallons of muddy water from the hillside, Panera rolls out new dishes, (the Alfredo pasta is quite good) motorcycles darting in and out of traffic, to name a few. On a Disney note, I wish I had seen this last week so you could have tried it. Apparently if you yell "Andys coming" while near any of the Toy Story cast that walk around (Buzz Woody Jesse etc) they drop to the ground and play dead just like in the cartoon! Pretty Funny, Happy Spring Steph!

  2. Dang it, Phil! I saw Buzz Lightyear! That would have been epic. I need to see those muddy falls, I hear in the spring that sharks swim it upstream.

    1. My recommendation is to wait until after next couple weeks. The crick is lined with crazy men like your hubby, with fish on the brain. Lots of cars parked, slow moving traffic, and men in waders standing in the road. ;)

  3. Crick? LOL.
    I'll never ever "get" the fishing thing, but my guys sure like it.

  4. I suppose you all call it a Creek huh :P