Monday, December 31, 2012

Flued & Looted

Photo Credit:  Stephanie Karfelt

How was your Christmas?  Hope it was all Holly Jolly and Very Merry. Let’s chat awesome swag folks. The flu tried to interrupt my Glitter Globe Christmas, but it came just the same. My family gathered around the tree on Christmas morning, flu cooties everywhere. Our buddy Zeus sat at the edge of the group, perfectly healthy. He said mortal flu cooties slide off giants like fiery cannonballs off castle walls. Loved ones said other things, but due to the coughing and merriment and the fact that I was rolling around in a new pile of books, I missed most of it. Did you get books for Christmas?  Friends, that is like getting a vacation wrapped inside a virtual reality ride. It’s the best. What thing can top Mr. Darcy?  Or a safe journey aboard a pirate ship?  Most especially if it comes with chocolate.
Photo Credit: Stephanie Karfelt
Check out my new jacket…can you imagine? 
Photo Credit: Stephanie Karfelt
And you’ll never believe that I’m actually a minimalist, what with the Epic Slinky Dogs and what Santa put in my stocking this year. I fainted a bit.
Photo Credit: Stephanie Karfelt
Do you think books make spectacular gifts?  If not, what does?  What thrilled or chilled you this holiday season?

And Looted


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