Friday, October 5, 2012

Spot On

Photo Credit:  Kimberly Robertson
Meet Frank.  You can tell by the look on his face that he's worried someone is going to put this picture on Facebook or a blog somewhere, can't you?  The Epic Slinky Dog giveaway has been a blast.  I've sent out dozens of the little guys to good homes all over the globe, and sometimes I get terrific pictures like this one.  So I have absolutely no intention of stopping just yet.  It's too much fun. 

Slinky Ai

Are you familiar with the "Where's Waldo" game?  I like to make up my own rules whenever possible, so how about a Glitter Globe version of "Where's Slinky Dog?"  You tell me where you think Slinky Dog is, but guessing his actual location is secondary to entertainment.  Tell me where you think Slinky is, and what he is doing there.  I want your Slinky Dog stories. 

Slinky Be

You probably cannot tell by these pictures that I had a very busy day today.  I finished up a novel, registered it with Writer's Guild East, sent it off to people who were waiting, and worked at a job that actually pays me.  Instead of sneaking a nap, I sneaked Slinky around town and took pictures of him.  

Slinky Ce

If you'd like to play along, leave a comment below and tell me what you think Slinky is up to.  Feel free to comment on Ai, Be, and Ce, or just one if you like.  My favorite stories will win either an Epic Slinky Dog delivered right to your house, or a sneak peek into my special October giveaway.  Be sure to follow my blog to qualify, and be sure to check back to see if you win!  I'm going to pick my first five favorite stories as winners, so happy posting.  Where's Slinky Dog?


  1. Got my slinky dog. My kids are fighting over it. Lol.

  2. JP - You have to win another, or so!

  3. This is incredibly hilarious. A round of applause my good lady!

  4. It's on like Donkey Kong. Plotting my next epic photo with Frank and the slinky dog. :) So fun.

  5. i heard the bird in the back round telling the dog to run

  6. that one is me lol

  7. Saw Frank earlier- what a magnificent and noble beast! So I see a nesting theme going on here.

    First, in Ai, I think he's pretending to be an inch worm building it's cocoon. He's pretty smart though, he held still as that bird went "caw-caw-cawing" by, as to not attract attention to himself.

    In Be, I think he's burrowed into a termite nest or the queen ant lair and is sitting on may larvae down there. How you got that shot, I'll never know, but kudos!

    Lastly, in Ci, I think the bird from Ai and the sitting on babies in Be led him to the natural conclusion of Ci, sitting in a bird nest, warming eggs in a Blue fir tree.

    I'm thinking he has some separation anxiety issues from his mom... or wait, could it be that he sees his "mother" mailing his siblings away? Nah... ;)

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  9. Ah, Slinky BE, you must be some shade of blue. If not from sitting on all that ice then because you are where most writers keep their bottle of vodka. Haha! No, really, you are just a cool dog to be slinking around in the ice-maker of a fridge... hmmm a Whirlpool or maybe an LG? Hard to say, but either way, you have my vote for coolest wiener around. You've definitely taken cool to a new level here. I don't blame you of course, seeing as your poor brothers think they are birds- you've been forced to try to uphold the family name and all. Just chill out little wiener. It will not save you from being mailed, but perhaps you can be sent to Iceland. ;)

  10. Micayla - But what is Slinky doing?

  11. Kimberly - Frank is totally male model material. Hot dog.

  12. Brian - Log in for pity's sake.

  13. rholli - By jove I think you've nailed it.

  14. DM - :D I need to shove Slinky into that bottle of vodka for the next shot...

  15. "Slinky Ce to Base, Slinky Ce to Base!" The police scanner in the squad car on Washingeton Street in Fort Recovery, Ohio hissed and popped.

    "Dammit, Slinky, can't you bring it any clearer than that? I can't tell what Slinky you are, and if..."

    Never mind that crap, Sergeant, I couldn't pronounce it right even if you could habla espanol, just get the vice squad car ready to roll. Mr. Adams has his Menorah out, and I'm purty sure he's fixin' to light it, too."

    "So what's wrong with a few candles, Slinky Whateverthehellletteritis?"

    "I'll tell you, Sergeant, his sister-in-law is dating a Jewish guy, and I OWN PROPERTY OUTSIDE THE HIGH SCHOOL."

    "I don't give a damn if you own the police station, Slinky, he can light whatever the hell he wants! It's a free country, ain't it?"

    "Not if I have anything to do with it, he don't. See, I got my pups out there a fixin' to swap out the springs of that there squad car, and then you'll see who's really in charge." Slinky Ce was getting just a little hot under the dog collar. It was good for Mr. A, not to mention for Slinky himself, that the Adams Christmas tree was freshly cut, and as damp as the dawn.

    "Listen here, Bowser, I'm fixin' to pull you out of deep cover if you don't stop focusin' on the candles and get back to sniffin' the cannabis. I told ya that the extended clan was fuul a' musicians and artists, and other subversive types. You catch the wacky weed, n' I'll order a warrant and I'll call the K of C, the Feds, the whole Republican Party iff'n I have to. But we can't have nothin' against the Jews."

    Slinky Ce, known throughout town as the lyric tenor in the Lutheran choir, shivered with the thought of a Kosher Salami hound pooping little wieners on Samuel's Chicken Processors park. He had almost blown his cover when the Jewish guy came to town with an Adams girl and stopped his run (those hippies! Next thing, they'll be wantin' granola in the IGA) to make friends. Never could resist a good tummy rub, and this here Jewish hombre was as good as it gets.

    Slinky continued, "Still, I'm gonna sit behin' this globe ornament and see iff'n ol' man Adams knows Hebrew."

    The Sergeant hissed back. "You jus' cut it right out, Rover. This is a Gingrich town, and Sheldon Adelson is the only thing we got b'tween us 'n that Godless Mormon cult suit."

    "Well, y'owe me, Sarge. Just make sure that if those kosher salamis come to town, I get all old'ns. They might be awful strong, but they's the best chew toys in the store.

    "Fine. I'll have the dummy on Washington Street go get a couple dozen. Newt's comin' to speak at the K of C tomorrow night, so he c'n order up a crate from that Adelson fella sure n' I'm settin' here."


    "Yep, Slinky, what now?"

    "That ain't gonna work."

    "Sez who?"

    "Sez me. Town r'placed the cop on Washington street cuz o no tax revenue. That dummy's a, well, a dummy."

    "No wonder he's not answerin' his radio! Guess we'll have to get Adelson ta pay fer a new copper."

    "And a crate of Hebrew Nationals, " Slinky Ce added.

    "Yup, them, too."

  16. Thank you rhohollidaywrites, Donna Michelle & Aquablogger for your stories (extra points for following directions btw, earns you the October giveaway AND an Epic Slinky Dog). Be sure to send me an address to:

    Since I promised to give away five prizes - I will have to award one to Anonymous's comment (but I might have to saw Slinky in half or even quarters unless you were going for a haiku. Every story is beautiful someone once told me. So who am I to judge your comment, right Anonymous?) And the last prize goes to Micayla Cuomo, simply because flattery will get you places on Sunday evenings when I'm typing my story and dressed in my homeless couture.
    Thanks for playing along - and remember to send me addresses! You have a week!